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Upping My "Look" Game (+ First OOTD!)

Wednesday, April 26, 2017
I have always dressed up so casually. I have always gone for the jeans-and-a-shirt kinda look, because it was always comfort over style for me. I was the practical dresser among my peers, and I never dared to wear clothes which I thought were unflattering for me (turns out I was wrong). I looked plain, boring, and my outfit choices never reflected my true personality. 

Lately I have been feeling more body confident. I owe it to my weight loss (not saying that losing weight is the way to feel more confident, but it is for me) because now, I can dare to show more skin and wear figure-hugging dresses. It took me a while to feel more comfortable in my own skin, and I'm actually still getting there, but I have seen the changes in my fashion choices.

"My Day" isn't My Life

Thursday, April 20, 2017
People will always be quick to form conclusions about other people. First impressions, judgments based on things they've heard, and simple glances are just some of the ways people swiftly conclude their sentiments about others. Now it would be nice if these conclusions were based on solid facts, but sadly that isn't always the case. Sometimes, people just form conclusions because, well... because it's what seems true.

Loving Lately #1: Beauty

Sunday, April 16, 2017
Shit, is Gail really writing a beauty blog post? Hey, guys. A year ago, I didn't do my eyebrows, I never wore lipstick, and I didn't give a shit about how I looked. Oh, how things have changed... I've recently gotten into beauty thanks to YouTube and pure curiosity. Now, I spend all most of my savings on beauty products, and I may have turned into a lipstick hoarder, but whatever. 

I like beauty products. They boost my confidence. So, today I want to share some of the products I've been loving lately. Here are my top beauty product picks:

The Obsession with Celebrities

Saturday, April 15, 2017
I’ve spoken openly about my distaste for celebrity obsession specifically on a certain celebrity who rose to fame through the use of a popular app. In the previous sentence, I’ve omitted details on purpose to avoid backlash from her (hint hint) fans, and I’ve actually deleted the said post out of fear of being mauled by them on my way to school.

It has taken me some time to understand that the fear of expressing my thoughts on certain things will only hold me back from growing as a “writer”, so now I have decided to speak on that topic again and hopefully, not for the final time.

But I will still hide details ’cause I don’t wanna die yet. (Seriously, hating someone for expressing their opinion just because their opinion isn't aligned with yours? Come on now, be classy.) 

Summer Goals

Friday, April 14, 2017
I don't believe in total vacations. Now some people might think that this kind of attitude is harmful because yes, I concede, taking a break and rejuvenating are important for the health. But to me, the idea of totally resting and relaxing for the sake of just resting and relaxing is, well, wasteful. I don't want to waste one day at the same level that I was yesterday. I'm the kind of person who wants to keep moving forward.

So, this summer, I've set a couple of goals that I plan to accomplish while relaxing, if there even is such as thing as being busy + relaxing. Anyway, these goals range from short fitness goals to long-term career-building goals.