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Imagine Them in Their Underwear

Friday, July 4, 2014
I hate speaking/performing/standing in front of a bunch of people. I hate staring at them stare at me. I hate wondering what that one person is whispering about. I hate having accidental eye contact with the always-glaring one in the front row. I hate having to stand there so I can fill their heads with my opinions. I just hate speaking/performing/standing in front so much, that I would do anything to get myself out of that situation. But I can't. No one can.

We have to force ourselves into that situation at some point in our lives. It's inescapable, really. Besides, what good will happen if we keep to ourselves and shake our heads to letting go? I personally hate doing anything in front of a group of people, but I've come up with some tricks to ease the anxiety. I'd like to share them with you.
  1. Pretend you're excited about it - For me, there's no better way to get through a dreaded presentation than to pretend I'm super excited about it. A few minutes before presentations start, I take a deep breath and then happily wait for my name to be called. As I'm doing that, I repeat, "Me next, me next, me next!" even though I absolutely don't want to be next. This fake excitement then turns into positivity, which will make the presentation a lot easier.
  2. Fake confidence - The worst thing you can do is think of yourself as the worst. Especially if you're about to try to convince a bunch of people that your opinion is worth listening to. So what I do is I tell myself things like, "I'm freaking awesome," and "I'm the best." Now those things aren't true (so stop doing it right after!) but they do boost one's confidence.
  3. Don't rush - Rushing will turn your head into a huge mess. I get it, you're nervous in front of those people. But do you want to show them how nervous you are? Rushing will let them know you're uncomfortable. Some people will feel bad for you, while others will be smiling at your extreme anxiety. So do the opposite. Take your time and talk as if you're talking to a friend.
  4. Imagine them in their underwear - Old trick, but it works. Making yourself seem higher than them by imagining them in their "most vulnerable" state works like a charm. And if you want to go even further, imagine them taking a shit. Just don't laugh.
  5. Understand that they're just people - When I'm giving a presentation and I know someone well-known or is an expert in a field is watching, I play with my imagination before I get on stage. I imagine them at home. I imagine them in their house clothes. I imagine them doing normal things a regular human would do. That makes me less intimidated. 
  6. Shake it off - If you're anxious, it's better to shake it off. Shake your hands. Shake your feet. Shake your head. Shake your whole body as if you're trying to shake off the anxiety that's clinging to your skin.
  7. Don't look directly into someone's eyes - One of the must-dos for presentations is to establish eye contact with your audience, but I get that locking eyes with someone can mess up the show or distract you. One trick is to look them in the eye for a second, but then break from that and look another direction. Another helpful trick is to look at their forehead. Trust me, they'll feel like you're still looking them in the eye.
  8. Understand that you're more knowledgeable - If you're giving a presentation, chances are you're probably more knowledgeable about that topic. I mean, why would you be doing it anyway? Your audience is there to learn from you, so don't feel too pressured. You're already "higher" than them, so whatever you do, chances are they'll believe you anyway. 
Those are just the things I mostly do when there's a presentation coming up. Whether it's a dramatic presentation or a chance to share my opinion, I do all of these so I can really tell them what's on my mind. I can't guarantee that they'll work for everyone - this thing varies from person to person - but just try them. Who knows, maybe you'll turn out to be the best speaker in history.

If you have your own secrets, comment down below! Let's help each other out.
4 comments on "Imagine Them in Their Underwear"
  1. Nice post! Enjoyed reading this.
    Hope you can drop by my site!! :) xx


    1. Hey Sammie. Thanks for taking time to read! x

  2. Gail, I am in love with the title. Besides, Public speaking is one of the fears after death and I know how it feels to be one the stage, even if its a few people whom you are presenting to.Anyhow, I love your detailed explanation. Good Luck with your work.

  3. These are the best tips for making a presentation confidently. I had followed the same when i was a student and trust me it worked.


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