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Sunday, November 23, 2014
So you just finished writing your first draft. You've printed it out because you want to see it in its best form. You then make yourself a cup of well-deserved coffee, and wait for the weather to be perfect. When it finally is, you sit down by the window, surrounded by dozens of pillows, and read. 

And you hate it. You hate all of it.

You hate it so much that you would love to dramatically throw it out the window. But deep inside, you're worried someone might find it and steal your idea, so you decide not to. You begin to doubt yourself, your skills, and slowly start to believe that you can't write.

If you're a writer, you might have experienced this several times already. The weight of self-doubt always seems to find a way to perfectly fit on our shoulders. At least once in our lives, we've felt that we have lost the ability to write, that what we write isn't even good, that we should just give up on our writing dream because maybe, just maybe, it isn't for us.

Here's what you need to ask yourself, though: do you love to write? If you do, write on. But if you get that horrible feeling again, here are some things you need to know.

All writers start "sucky"
Do you think that the first work of an author was a masterpiece? Of course not. Those authors just kept writing and writing until they polished their talents. They understood that their work needed improvement, so they worked on it. 

Just because you hate it doesn't mean everyone will
Now this is just you being too judgmental. Most people hate what they write because they lack confidence in their writing. You could just be scared that everyone who'll read it will hate is as much as you do. But guess what? You might be feeling this way because you looked at it for hours. You spent so much time with it that you're already tired of it. But people haven't. If you got it right and drilled the emotion into your writing, then they'll surely fall in love with it.

You are your worst critic
If you think there's something wrong with your writing, you could be on to something. Use your knowledge of that to improve your writing. And the next time you write, try to see how you've changed. If there are still mistakes, correct them. The process never ends.

We are all doubting ourselves
I don't think there's one writer in the world that can say that he knows his writing is great. We're all insecure here as we quietly write with our laptops, typewriters, journals, and tablets. 

And lastly, just write on. If the thought of quitting haunts you, write about it. Only you can make yourself a writer.

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  1. This is amazing and very true! I loved reading this post Gail! :) xx

    MY BLOG: Sammie The Stargirl

    1. OH MY GOD SAMMIE, I can't believe I didn't reply to you for a year! Anyway, I hope this still holds true for you! xo Gail


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