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Post-finals Therapy

Monday, March 30, 2015
FINALS WEEK IS OVER. I repeat, finals week is over! All rejoice! After studying 'til morning and memorizing all sorts of things that will be forgotten the second the test is over, finals week is finally through. And after all of the stressful tasks, it's nice to have a chance to de-stress. It's time to finally throw those papers away and just chill out, knowing that it's all going to be fine until you see your grades. These are the things I do as my post-finals therapy.

Movies. I think that the best way to instantly de-stress yourself is by watching a film. It distracts you and keeps you engrossed, all while you're snacking away on some popcorn or chips. Choose a film that's happy (I prefer chick flicks and romantic comedies) 'cause some films might stress you out more!
Food of your choice. It's your time to relax, and what better way to do that than by spending some "quality time" with your one true love: food. Don't worry if it's "fattening" or "unhealthy"; you deserve this. Reward yourself. 

Personal time. You probably didn't have time to take care of yourself during finals week, and even during the whole semester, but now you do. You don't have to go to a luxurious spa to have some well-deserved personal time. You could just buy some face masks, nail polish and stuff, and do it yourself. It's all about feeling good about yourself.

Personally, I do not like to jump right into reading after finals. I mean, if you just spent days with your head buried inside your books, wouldn't you want to stray away from books for a while? Give your eyes a break? I wait a while until I finally read, and it still manages to de-stress me.

Go out. Go shopping, watch a movie, walk around the park, whatever. You might have stayed inside your room for too long, studying or pretending to study. Get out and breathe in the smells of the world, even though they might not be so fragrant. Going out will make you feel less suffocated.

Sleep. Lots of sleep.
Look, you had nights without sleep and days where you woke up early for your 7:30 AM class. It's time to take back the sleep that you missed and sleep. If you're having a lazy day in and you just feel like sleeping, then do it. Instant refresher.   

What's your post-finals therapy like?

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5 comments on "Post-finals Therapy "
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  2. Congratulations on getting through finals week! I'm still swimming in all the unfinished homework and studying I still have to do but alas, I find myself blogging...

    I love tips 1-2! Can't wait to binge-watch and eat non-stop :))

    Justine x

    (ps. sorry for the deleted comment, i was using the wrong account, oops!)

    1. Hi Justine! Blog all you want! (Just kidding, go and study, girl. :P) I hope you watch all the shows you can watch and eat all of your favorite desserts after your finals!

      No worries, I do that sometimes, too, haha. x

  3. Congrats on making it through!! Finals are really rough and you seriously deserve all of those things (books, movies, and food being the best) :) I've got my exams coming up but I will definitely be celebrating in the same way when they're done!

    Zareena @ The Slanted Bookshelf

    1. Thanks, Zareena! Yes, celebrate! WE deserve this, don't we? ;) x


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