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Friday, May 8, 2015
Forget about being a leader, a dreamer, or whatever name you can think of. There's a new word in town -- Girlboss, and that's what we need to be. Being a Girlboss means you're in control, giving you the opportunity to grasp that wheel and steer it towards your dreams. Being a Girlboss means you're smart enough to understand that your life can be directed only by you. Being a Girlboss means you believe in yourself. Being a Girlboss means you know you're going to kill it.

In Sophia Amoruso's book #Girlboss, she embraces and passes on the essence of being a Girlboss. In it, she discusses her struggles in the early days of Nasty Gal, gives a lot of important advice about work and wealth, and inspires you to find out what you're good at and just go for it.

Though most of the book tackles Amoruso's journey to success, it constantly gives meaningful words of advice that will get any aspiring (or existing) Girlboss through. Personally, I found it appealing that a regular person shared her story. Most success stories come from people who come from established names, but hers was different. The honesty in this book was one of the things that appealed to  me. She does not sugarcoat -- she shoves reality in your face but holds on to your hand. Her normality gave me hope and it will surely inspire others, as well. With a witty narrator like Amoruso, it would be hard to give up on this inspirational (and need I mention gorgeous?) book.

#Girlboss prepares you for the tough times that will undoubtedly come in your life. Amoruso shares her experiences in her many jobs and in school, letting you know that times will get bad, but with the right attitude, you can actually gain something from those experiences. She also provides a few wittily-written tips on job applications and etc.

But above everything, #Girlboss lets you realize your potential to reach your dreams, whatever they may be. It teaches you that with determination and persistence, you can do anything. They may be similar to hers - a business, like Nasty Gal, or it could be completely different. #Girlboss is a process, really. You read about her life and relate it to yours, she gives some advice and inspiration, and then it's up to you. You decide on how you're going to use Sophia Amoruso's wisdom. After all, being a Girlboss means you're in control. But remember it also means being smart.

To all Girlbosses out there, whether you know it or not, let's all give this book a round of applause. It is, without a doubt, one of the most inspirational reads I've ever had.
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  1. i've been meaning to read this for ages but keep forgetting, nice review!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Hey Danielle. Thanks! I hope you get a copy soon. x


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