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On Passionately Creative People

Sunday, May 17, 2015
I truly like people who are passionate about the arts, may it be painting, music, literature, or dance. To me, if someone is passionate about the arts, and if someone is moved by something they truly care about, then they're living life the way it should be lived. These passionately creative people pour themselves onto their craft, extending who they are, and sharing a part of themselves with the world. The connection they have with the arts cannot be explained simply, and can only be understood by those who are also passionate about something.

When I let a passionate person talk about his passions, his/her face usually brightens immediately. He/she then speaks with so much joy, rambling on about experiences and dreams, eyes glistening with content. It's like discovering a new side to the person, a side he/she never exposed in normal conversation before, showing it only through his/her chosen form of creative art. The experience of talking to the person is immensely inspiring and rewarding. 

Passionately creative people are just so full of life from all the creative things they've done. They see the world in a different way, slowly uncovering life's strange mysteries by writing, singing, creating, etc. When they're in their creative zone, it's like looking at life itself, in its most stunning form. These people put their hearts into their work, almost stitching their skin to their craft, all because they love to do what they do.

Sharing passions with people is even more wonderful. I'm passionate about writing, and when I talk to other writers about it, we begin to understand each other though we've only said a few words. We know that writing occupies a dangerously large space in our hearts and that it has become some sort of addiction. We are familiar with the depressing feeling that comes whenever we're stripped of the time to write, to create, to read.

Passionately creative people appreciate and understand each other in a way other people cannot. They acknowledge that the importance of their chosen craft/art goes beyond their interest in other things, that we do not just want to do it, but we need to do it. These people know that we work within a timeline that we created ourselves, that passions will always take center stage even in everyday life. Our passions have become part of us, and we need to fulfill them to truly live.

It would be hard to explain something one deeply cares about to someone who has not felt the same. Passionate and creative people are the most insightful people there are, so cherish the ones that you know. Share your dreams with them and be motivated by theirs. Genuinely passionate and creative people don't come into your life very often, but when they do, imagine a ray of bright colors between the two of you, then make that ray grow brighter.
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  1. I totally love this! Sharing your passion and experiences are one of the best things in life.

    1. Hello Kassy! I totally agree. Thanks! x


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