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Monday, June 8, 2015
My third year at university starts tomorrow, and I've got one thing to say: I am not ready to face textbooks, whiteboards, examination sheets, and 7:30 AM classes yet -- actually, I don't think I'll ever be ready for morning classes. With college comes the dreaded term exams, and even though I've been dealing with its stresses for three years now, I still consider it a never-ending realization process that is dependent on luck.

To "celebrate" the beginning of this semester, why don't we talk about something that we can all benefit from? If you're a freshman, then listen up. These tips might just get you through university!

Study where you're comfortable
If you force yourself to study somewhere that's unpleasant/uncomfortable, then you probably won't get much done. Pick a place that's cool and comfy so the experience of studying won't be as harsh! I study on my bed because I like to feel relaxed when I'm studying, but I advise against it if you're studying the subject you hate the most. Don't fall asleep!

Listen to instrumentals
Studying is so boring! Make it a bit upbeat by adding background music. I used to listen to my favorite songs while studying, but I found that it distracted me from learning. Now, I prefer to listen to instrumentals on YouTube, 8tracks, etc., but my favorite place to go is Audionetwork

Make your own system for memorization 
Memorizing things for what they are will become your living hell. Don't even attempt to memorize every word in your notes/book. Instead, try coming up with a system to make memorization a lot easier. You could use patterns, associate them with people/places -- do whatever works for you. Mnemonics, everybody.

And then keep the book away
Sometimes, when you're studying, you get tempted to peek at the book whenever you fail to remember something. Unfortunately, exams aren't like that. Get used to relying on your mind and keep that book away.

Find online tests
And after the book has been hidden, practice some more. Don't make your own test and do not redo exercises. Look for some free tests online. They will look new to you, and it'll be more of a challenge.

Filling your knowledge may seem like everything right now, but the things you'll learn in the classroom will never be at par with the things you'll learn in college. Does that sound confusing? You'll understand what I mean soon. As Santosh Kalwar said, “It does not matter where you go and what you study, what matters most is what you share with yourself and the world.” (But seriously guys, take university seriously. Don't let a buttload of money go to waste.)
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  2. I creept up on your blog and I just want to say that I love all your posts!! I can relate so much to them and I think it's all because I'm also a 19 year-old college student battling with school work =) Best wishes!

    1. Aw, thank you Kathryn! That means a lot to me. I'm glad you can relate to them -- I promise to write more of these posts. x


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