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The Teen Idol Religion

Friday, June 19, 2015
It's not a rare sight to see a fifteen-year-old fan hiding behind the face of a certain "teen queen" or "heartthrob" on Twitter. His/her posts usually include the hashtag #followforfollow, accompanied by countless mentions to similar accounts, talking about how brilliant his/her idol is. Sometimes, he/she even goes beyond the expectations of his/her 3,623 followers by getting more than fifty retweets for a tweet about supporting the said idol. 

While there's nothing completely wrong about idolizing someone, some of these obsessive fans have made it their purpose to stand by their idols no matter what. It seems like they have started to look at them as gods who can shower them with the same love that they've selflessly given to these celebrities. They protect these well-known individuals, as if they were mothers guarding their eggs, from vicious attacks from "non-believers": the normal criticisms, expressions of dislike, etc. 

Recently, a friend of mine was attacked on Twitter after she tweeted that a certain female sensation did not have the ability to act. Now I have no idea who this Kathryn girl is. The only thing that I've seen her in is that commercial about menstrual pads, so I don't have anything to base my judgement on. After sending that tweet into the Twitterverse, she was immediately flocked by mentions coming from Kathryn's overly-sensitive fans.

Tweets like, "Attention seeker ka lang!" (You're just an attention seeker!), "Mura'g gwapa!" (Like you're pretty!), "We don't care!" as well as instinctive (and shall I mention poorly constructed?) replies came flying her way. All that was left for me to do was to laugh at their responses. To them, it seemed that expressing dislike for something/someone immediately meant that my friend was an attention seeker who was just jealous of how "gorgeous" and "talented" Kathryn was. 

But let me ask them this: did she say she was better than Kathryn? Did she spread false rumors about your beloved queen? Was it you that she was talking about? She simply voiced her opinion on the actress, which may or may not be true. 

Just because you idolize someone, doesn't mean everyone should, too. Not everyone will like your idol's acting/singing/dancing skills, because why should we? It does not matter if Kathryn is the best actress in the world, or if she acts as lifeless as a garden stool, people can think whatever they want to think about people. Being famous does not excuse them from being criticized, especially when they're in show business, a business where being in the public eye is primary.

Truth is, your idols probably don't care about what people think of them, and you're probably caring way too much about the insults that come their way. I know that you love them for what they do and mainly for what they look like, but even if you defend them, they would never know. 

It's quite useless to act so defensive about this ridiculous matter, when there are more things you should be worried about. So please, this teen idol religion thing has got to stop. Be a fan of whoever you want, and if you're offended by non-fans' remarks, just explain to them why you find him/her a good person to idolize. Don't be offended because it's not for you. Don't be angry, because we are not programmed to like the same things/people. 

Don't react too stupidly because it does not matter.
6 comments on "The Teen Idol Religion"
  1. Oh goodness! I remember my 1D days from this post. Good job as usual, Gailey!

  2. I considered myself a superfan, but I never went the overly-protective-mother-bird direction! Thank you, lovely girl!

  3. Girl - preach!! It still shocks me when I'm scrolling through Instagram and one regular photo from a celebrity can spark an endless debate in the comments between die-hard fans. Thank you for this post, I hope more people will read and appreciate this post.

    Justine x | teenfolk

    1. IKR? People argue over the most irrelevant things! x

  4. I'm a superfan and sometimes some fans can go over board on protecting their idol or something. Sometimes I would tell them that they should calm down that is their opinion, but they would tell me that I was a fake fan or a hater. My advice is they should accept someones opinion and not everything is perfect and their " idol " is has flaws and is a human like them.


    1. Preach! It's not like we're attacking their idols! We're simply expressing something that's absolutely harmless.


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