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Friday, July 24, 2015
When I tell people I have a blog, usually their replies are the following:
  • How much do you make? (Answer: 0)
  • Do you get free stuff? (Answer: No)
  • Is isn't a fashion blog? Then what is it? (Answer: Seriously?)
And sometimes, they add something extra special: Why don't you blog about something else?

I've been asked many times about why I choose to blog about something that isn't in the "usual" realm of blogging. I understand that most people view the  blogging business as something that encompasses only fashion/beauty/lifestyle, and some people may call them so tumblr. These types of blogs get earnings if they've established their brands, and while the thought of making a living through writing electronically is freaking fantastic, those "usual" blogs are not for me.

Let me put it this way: if  you were to shove a baker into car manufacturing, he wouldn't know what to do. If you were to put me into fashion/lifestyle/beauty blogging, I would end up embarrassing myself for the entire period of my blogging life. 

In terms of money, well, I would rather be penniless than pretend to be someone I am not just for the sake of getting views/earning/building a name. Ever since blogging has become popular, lots of people have jumped into it, thinking that it's instant success. I'm not saying that all of them are clueless and that they're merely doing it for cash, but there are people who have been blinded by the glittery image of blogging. They want to be fashion bloggers to get free clothes. They want to be lifestyle bloggers in order to get invites.

Blogging is not about the freebies or the perks. It is about expressing one's opinions on whatever subject that may be. It is for people who truly care about something that they want to spend time on telling people about that thing. If blogging is without passion, then what kind of blog would that turn out to be?

So why don't I blog about something else? Well, because I like blogging about this. I'm a very reactive person and I have a lot to say. I enjoy writing about mundane things, expressing my opinions on everyday encounters, and generally trying to change the way people think. And hopefully, by staying this way, I can inspire others to do it their way, too.

If you've ever thought of blogging about something else because it's "in", shove that thought out the door. Remember that not everyone appreciates what is "in". People like different stuff, and not everyone might not see the relevance of your blog now, but in time, if you keep blogging, they will. Blog your way and blog however you want to. Your blog is yours.

Photo credit: Ashley Ella
2 comments on "Blog Your Way"
  1. I love this! I constantly see posts telling people what type of blogging helps them gain the most followers + money, and while I do understand why some choose to follow that advice, I think that it's a lot more confining. I love reading your blog because of your distinct voice, and I only wish that there were more bloggers out there who felt comfortable blogging about whatever the hell they wanted to!!

  2. That's such a lovely thing to hear, Justine. Thanks for always reading my content. If there's one thing I can promise, it's that I will ALWAYS blog about the things I truly care about! x


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