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Women Don't Have to Like Children

Thursday, August 27, 2015
I think society has developed a difficult-to-change idea that women are programmed to be mothers, lovers of children and everything about them - snot, germs, crying and all. Hearing a woman say that she doesn't like kids can make people widen their eyes and shake their heads in disgust. While I was talking with a friend, she said, "I think there's a girl who does not like children" which really made me wonder, "Do all women like kids?" At that moment, I had the answer: no, because I do not like children, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

This is not some crazy feminist anthem, but a reality that I'd like to shed some light on. People see women as baby carriers, mouth feeders, and milk pumpers. While this may hold true for some ladies, this image of a woman does not apply to everyone with a vagina. Truth is, there are women who do not like kids at all, and they get thrown dirty looks for feeling that way. But why should they deserve such ill treatment? 

Some think that women were made to bear children. True, why else would they have the ability to get pregnant? But women having the requirement to have kids? Uh, no, I don't think so. There are women all over the world who have no children, but they are still successful in their careers and happy. There are also women who have decided to have kids and are also pleased with their lives. What I'm saying is, children or no children, a woman's value remains high.

Women can do whatever the hell they want. If a woman doesn't want kids, cool. If a woman wants kids, great. It's a choice, people, not a freaking necessity.

Some people can't understand why some women don't like kids. For me, it's because I have no patience for tiny, snot-bearing humans. And harsh as this may sound, I just don't find them cute. Put me in a room with a puppy and a child, and I'll be all over the puppy. The child, not so much. I know some of you are frowning as you're reading this, but hey, I'm a woman but I don't like kids. Deal with it.

To put it simply (and harshly), it's like this: why would I get a cat if I didn't like cats? Why would I have a kid if I didn't like kids?

But for other women, it may be for other reasons. I know that some women prefer careers over having kids, and that's totally understandable. People have different priorities, and putting career first is absolutely fine, if that's how you want to mold your life. Some women also don't like kids because it's too much of a responsibility, and they think they can't care for the child and give it a good future, and I think that's smart thinking. Why would you have a kid when you know you'll ignore it in the future? 

I have complete respect for the women who choose motherhood, and I hold the same respect for those who look away from it. Ladies, just do what you want to do, whatever it is that makes you truly happy, and hold up your middle fingers to anyone who says you can't because you're a female.

So thanks, but no thanks. This decision does not make me less of a woman. Deal with it.

What about you? What are your thoughts on motherhood? Share your thoughts below, but keep it calm, keep it cool, and keep it respectful! x
5 comments on "Women Don't Have to Like Children"
  1. Well said, Gail!

    Growing up and especially through my teenage years I often said that I did not ever want to have kids and was always answered with a knowing 'you'll change your mind when you're older.' Well, I'm forty now and I still don't want them! And I am so glad that I live in a society where I was not forced into motherhood.

    You are so right in identifying society's discomfort with non-maternal women, but this attitude is gradually changing which is great to see. Women can now say they don't want a family and, just as importantly, men are no longer as ashamed to say that they do. I hope eventually all people in the world have free choice over their own reproduction.

    Stephanie Jane

    1. Hi Stephanie!

      People say that to me, too, but I think they're wrong. Some people tell me that seeing other friends have children will change my mind, but that sounds a bit odd to me! Is jealousy the force that drives my desire for motherhood? I don't think so!

      I hope that one day it will become acceptable and understandable for women to say no to babies.

      Thanks for reading!

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  3. HONESTLY, I don't want to have kids or even get married. I started to have these thoughts in my head when I reached 17 (i guess). And yeah I often get that reactions that you've mentioned from my friends and even my mom :D they just don't know that these decisions are influenced by a lot of factors and I'm going to tell you what are those.

    1. The overall population of our country. I worry about it all the time, seriously.
    2. Choosing the right partner.
    3. I've tend a lot of babies before (my cousins) and it is never easy.
    4. The status of our economy.
    5. I'm afraid I might fail in my life (career etc) and I cant imagine dragging my children in that situation.
    6. Giving birth is fucking scary.

    These are the things that keeps me from having children or having a family (HELLO MOM!). But sometimes I just don't see myself having my own family. I never dream about it nor think about it. People can judge me all they want but I AM JUST BEING PRACTICAL (duh). Having a kid is huge responsibility and I think I am not ready for it. And I think women my age should bare in mind that having children is not a race. And just because you have an UTERUS it does not mean that you really have to use it. F*** your friends and those who pressure you to do things like this. My advice, BE PRACTICAL. Be like me (LOL jk.) HAHAHAHA :D By the way Gail, good job Girl ;) *sorry for this long post* :D

    1. YES GIRL PREACH! I love your reason #6 so much, hahahaha! But yeah, I just hate it when some women feel 'obliged' to be mothers when really, that's not all that we're here for. Don't apologize for the long post, I LOVE IT! XX


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