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How Are You Today?

Saturday, December 5, 2015
When was the last time you looked into the mirror to spend some time to evaluate yourself? How long has it been since you had a day off to think and to reflect on all that you've done, and all that you wish to do? You might not realize this, but checking on yourself is extremely important. Sometimes, in the chaos of it all, we drown in our thoughts and responsibilities, that we forget to say to ourselves, "Hey. How are you doing?"

Setting aside the time to have serious life evaluation can be beneficial. You might have gotten lost along the way, too busy to remember your goals, but a quick time out can help pull you back on track. Some things will seem more important than most, and some things will change who you wanted to be, and you can't think properly while those forces still taunt you. Make time to be at peace, to get away from it all, and to talk to yourself. Don't worry, you won't look like a crazy person.

"Hey, how are you today?"
At the end of each day, ask yourself this question. Look into the mirror and have some serious heart-to-heart talk with yourself. How did your day go? Was it okay, or was it awful? Accept the answer, whether it's good or bad, and then think of why that day went that way.

"Are you happy?"
This is a question you should ask frequently. Your life should be a journey toward happiness, whatever that may mean to you. Continue to ask yourself if you are in a happy place in your life, and if not, then accept that. Embrace that. And then stop whatever it is that isn't making you happy and go for what will.

"What do you want to accomplish?"
Don't settle for eight-hour work days at the office if that's not what you desire. Think of your opportunities as a straight line that extends beyond your body. You have the choice and the chances to become whoever you want to become, to accomplish what you want to accomplish, to dream what you want to dream. Once you know your goal, you'll know which steps to take in order to grab it.

"Who do you want to become?"
You're a blank canvas, free to become whatever kind of person you wish to be. If you feel that people are shaping you instead of you shaping yourself, then stop. What you want is the only thing that matters here. So who do you want to be? Whatever it is, you have the right to be that person. 

"Are you doing the right thing?"
This may be hard to answer, but once you start asking this question, your answers will soon flow out immediately. If there's a tinge of guilt or regret that you feel when faced with this question, chances are, you're doing exactly the opposite of what you once wanted to do.

"Are you the person your past self would be proud of?"
Think back to five years ago, or ten years ago, and imagine what your old self would do if she/he met you. Do you think that old self would smile proudly, or shake his/her head in disappointment? Remember what you wanted at that time and compare it to your current situation. Have you achieved any of the goals you set five/ten years ago?

As you ask yourself these questions, keep in mind that only one thing matters here: your peace. You need to be happy about where you are. You need to know what you want. You need to focus on yourself so that you'll clearly see the road you will take. 

These are only the questions that I ask myself. I ask these questions once a week, and sometimes I can't stop thinking about them for days, especially when I'm feeling a bit down/frustrated. The questions you wish to ask yourself don't have to be in this post; you can make your own, depending on your need.

I hope this self evaluation thing works out for you, as it has for me, and if you have questions that you ask yourself, feel free to share them below!
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