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Five Ways to Survive the Week

Sunday, January 3, 2016
Take out your tissues, tomorrow is Monday. The holidays are over and tomorrow, you, as well as the rest of the world, will be shoved back into reality. Your cold desk is waiting for you, projects are hiding around the corner, and the clock just can't wait to welcome you back. 

Since everyone, including myself, is in a miserable state today, let me try to lighten the mood a bit. Going back to reality doesn't have to be that painful. It was your life before the holidays, so jumping back into the rhythm of things might be harsh and  difficult, but it won't be impossible. Here are some ways to lessen the hate you have for Mondays, or for facing the new week in general.
Look forward to something
This may be a simple or extraordinary thing. All you need to do is make yourself know that, at some point in the week, you will be doing that certain thing. Think of this thing as you wait for it to happen, and try to allow it to excite you. It can be a coffee date with your girlfriends, a tea session with yourself, or even a time to go to the boutique nearby to check out their sale.

Reward yourself
Related to the first, rewarding yourself can make you have an eager feeling throughout the week. Reward yourself on Friday or Saturday, immediately after your work week is done, so that it'll feel like a nice splash of fresh spring water. Know that your efforts for the week have all lead to this. Your reward doesn't have to be extravagant -- it can be a TV binge, or a box of pizza for yourself!

Designate activities for the weekend
Before Monday comes, think of what you'll do on the weekend. Don't do everything on a single weekend, but try to spread your tasks. This can either be a leisurely activity or a strenuous one; a leisurely activity can make you excitable, making the week fly by, while the hard activity will make you want to extend the work week! 

Know that it will happen again
This isn't on the happy side, but you've got to accept that going back to the usual flow of things is just part of reality. Yes, it's crappy, but this reality isn't crystal clear and filled with gold sparkles. Just think that because you're going back to work/school/university, you're creating a life that's fit for you. With your hard work, you might not have to deal with the usual "week" in the future! Think yachts and five-star hotels.

Keep a list of goals
I don't know about you, but this last suggestion works for me. I like being productive, and having the opportunity to be productive while doing the things I'm passionate about (whew, long sentence) makes  me look forward to those creative days. On Sunday night, I write on my planner the things that I wish to accomplish: write a page, edit a chapter or two, brainstorm, etc.

Those are all my tips on dealing with the week! I hope you find them effective, as they have proven to be useful to me. Make your Mondays more meaningful by not focusing on the hard work ahead, but on the great things that you would like to happen. And make them happen.

With you, I leave these tips, as well as this final quote: "There is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love; there's only scarcity of resolve to make it happen." Wayne Dyer

How do you survive the week? I'm interested! Share your methods below!
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  1. This is a place of open conversation and honesty! Feel free to share your thoughts in a decent manner below. No one will judge you here. x

  2. Great post! :) I usually write my weekly goals and tasks on my planner and on my phone so that I would always see them. Doing so lessens my anxiety! There really is something in making lists, it's very therapeutic! :)

    1. Same! I like knowing what I should expect. Thanks for commenting! x


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