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Free Blogging Resources #3

Thursday, December 31, 2015
Happy New Year! I think that the New Year is a signal for new beginnings, may it be a fresh start in your career, in your outlook, in your relationships -- that's completely up to you. For me, the new year is an opportunity to become anything, so as my New Years gift to the bloggers who want this year to be the year of their blogs, I'm compiling all of my bookmarked blogging resources.

These are all resources I've gathered recently. If you want to see more resources, I blogged about them a while back. Even more resources? Here you go.

On to the list!

 This is my favorite styled stock photography resource. Jill Levenhagen has other images, too, but I love the versatility of the styled images that she offers.

With the right keywords, you'll find the right resources for your blog using Pinterest. That site is a gold mine for free resources. You can spend days there, gaping in awe as you find resource after resource!

 Pink Pot offers free photo packs, which contain stunning and clean visuals. It's amazing what you can do with only a few pictures!

I'm in love with Pexels because their images are the non-sucky kind. Basically, they look like the ones that a professional blogger/photographer would take. You must check it out.

 High resolution and free stock images are uploaded each day. There are hundreds of pictures, and you'll surely find something that will fit your blog's niche.

This is for the serious blogger. If you have a separate budget for blogging, you might want to check out SC Stock Shop. There are gorgeous styled stock images there that are perfect for the feminine blogger. Subscribe and get free stock images delivered to you!

This isn't a graphic design kind of resource, but it's still a helpful resource for bloggers. I use Mail Chimp as my subscription service and I haven't been disappointed! Use it to send multiple emails to your subscribers. It's very easy to use.

Those are all the free blogging resources that I have for now. I promise I'll post more resources once I find them. For now, have fun with these and show the world what you can do with them!

What's your go-to site for blogging resources? Comment below, because comments make me happy! <3

2 comments on "Free Blogging Resources #3"
  1. These are great resources! I also love Canva and Unsplash a lot :). Your blog is absolutely beautiful!

    1. Aw, that's such a lovely thing to say, Vivian! I'm glad you liked these resources. x


Comments make me happy! <3