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Limitless: Changing the Mindset

Sunday, February 28, 2016
When I asked my friend to describe me in a word, she said, “Confident.” If she had said that two years ago, I would have laughed, and she would have laughed along, because both of us would have known that it was impossible. I spoke only when spoken to, recited only when called, and kept my opinions to myself in the belief that I was irrelevant. Deep inside, I knew I was a fool for keeping myself within the walls that I had built. And so, I decided to change that.

And so should you.

Most times, we set our limits around what we believe. We believe that because we’ve failed in the past, it has become impossible to change the outcome, no matter how hard we try. We think that because we have never tasted success, we shouldn’t bother to set our goals high. This way of thinking has caused us to look at everything negatively, including ourselves. Because of our beliefs, we have stepped on our own dreams, desires, and worth.

But can’t we believe in the opposite?

We are the only ones who make ourselves believe such things. Anyone can shove us down and tell us that we’re worthless, but in the end, it comes down to what we think. We could sulk, believe them, and live a life with constant doubt. We could also roll our eyes and stand by our knowledge that we aren’t what they say we are. Nothing they say can totally affect us unless we allow ourselves to be vulnerable by believing it ourselves.

Changing the way we perceive our abilities is truly a tedious task, but once done, unlocks a million doors of possibilities. As soon as we do, we can finally see what we’ve missed. We then alter ourselves completely, aiming for the endless outcomes instead of the thick wall that once towered over us.

Change comes from inside of us, and while that might sound like it was taken right out of a pink, flower-splattered book of inspirational quotes, it is most certainly true.
4 comments on "Limitless: Changing the Mindset"
  1. I love your blog so much! I started reading it a couple of weeks ago and I just wanted to let you know how awesome you are and how much I can relate to you. :D
    I used to be really self-conscious and I don't think anyone would describe me as confident, but then something just clicked and then I switched from "the silent one" to the actual me. I guess the fact that I was afraid people wouldn't like the weird me made me act differently. But now I'm me, and through that mindset I've achieved not caring about what others think of me, and that's wonderful. :)

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Jerneja! I'm happy to hear about that. Stay awesome and don't be afraid to sparkle. :) x

  2. Perfect timing! I was starting to feel hopeless because of stress from school works and personal stuff. I realized that the only person that's discouraging me to succeed is just myself. Thank you!

    1. Hello Kassy! I feel hopeless sometimes too but those are fleeting feelings. I've learned to acknowledge them (because ignoring them will make it worse) and move forward. You're welcome!


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