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Hello, Bangkok.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Last April 22nd, I flew to Bangkok. It was always on my list of places to go to, since I heard that Bangkok was the go-to place for cheap clothes and more. I also wanted to travel to a place that wasn't known for its urban attractions. I lusted for the culture and the history. On April 22nd, I was finally able to satisfy that longing.

It was a 3 and 1/2 day trip, which (now) I think was too short. I wasn't able to fully appreciate the beauty of Bangkok, but I was still fortunate enough to visit some well-known sights. Even though it was a short vacation, I was still left with wonderful memories of Bangkok.

As I said, my main purpose of traveling to Bangkok was to see history and breathe the culture. I was extremely excited to visit the many temples, especially the most known ones, like the Reclining Buddha and the Emerald Buddha. When I got there, I did feel awestruck at the beauty of the temples and the amount of gold... But a side note for those planning to visit Bangkok: it is ridiculously hot and crowded in the temples, so do yourself a favor and buy elephant pants. You'll find a lot of them in the malls, and they're ideal because shorts aren't allowed.

I truly enjoyed experiencing a place not for its skyscrapers or its expensive malls, but for its genuine history. I'm not usually a fan of hot and sweaty places, but I've made Bangkok an exception because it offered me so much. 

Exploring temples will make you feel exhausted, so we just went to MBK mall afterwards, which, I must say, is my favorite mall in the world (subject to change since who knows where I'll go next!). It's huge, perfect for a shopaholic like myself, and filled with everything you can imagine. The prices are extremely low as well -- not as low as the ones at the markets, but hey, the place is airconditioned, there are bathrooms, the stalls are clean, and overall it's just a pleasant shopping experience. 

I don't have pictures of the mall itself since I was too busy browsing, haha! But I might make a mini haul of all the things that I bought, if anyone's interested.

On the third day, we went to see the Reclining Buddha. Man, was it huge. I couldn't even get a half decent shot of the whole thing because it just wouldn't fit into the frame. It doesn't look that huge in the picture, but trust me, it will take a lot of walking to go from the head to the toes.

We hopped from temple to temple after that since we booked a driver to take us anywhere throughout the day. Small tip for travelers: Bangkok isn't exactly the best English-speaking country, so make sure to hire a driver who knows the locations well, and who can speak English decently. We were lucky enough to find a driver who had both of those qualities, and his expertise really helped, making us see more sights and go more places.

On our final night, we boarded the Grand Chaophraya Cruise. I gotta say, I was a bit hesitant to hop inside and spend more than 1200 Baht for a dinner, but in the end, it was totally worth it. In a short span of time, we got to see areas of Bangkok which we missed during the day. We got to experience Bangkok at night, in all its bright and glittering beauty. 

Another tip: get seats at the upper deck. It's better for taking pictures and mingling with guests. The bottom deck is fine, but I just think cruises should be enjoyed in open air... Not seated below in some airconditioned and gloomy area. The ship goes pretty fast, as well, so expect a lot of strong wind if you're going to remake Titanic moments outside. 

My favorite part of the trip has probably got to be the temple hopping day. I bought (borrowed) two birds for 100 Baht from a lady outside the temple, and then released them in front of Buddha, supposedly to grant me health and happiness in life. Some people might say that it was silly of me to spend 100 Baht on that, and that it might even be just a joke, but hey, anything that will make me feel connected to a culture, I will do. 

I came to Bangkok to feel Bangkok, not to take pictures or to brag. I genuinely wanted to experience their history and see the beauty that their history has created. 

Bangkok is definitely a place that I will visit again someday. I fell in love with its people, its culture, its sights, and its prices (heehee). For now, it's time to save again for another trip... hopefully to somewhere colder this time. Hey, I love sweaters. I want an excuse to wear them!

But seriously, thank you, Bangkok. For the memories that can never be matched.

All photos were taken with a Samsung J5.
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  1. Thanks for this gail :) Mura npod ko naka tour sa Bangkok because of ur blog. Keep posting ^_^

    1. Glad my post could have that effect, haha! No problem!

  2. very nice gail. yeah definitely to a colder place next time


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