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Professor Problems

Saturday, April 9, 2016
It's pretty impossible to go through school without hating at least one teacher. We've all been under a Terror Teacher, you know, the one who seems like they practice cannibalism and burn their students' homework as a hobby. In grade school until high school, these teachers can be dealt with easily: a quick pop into the office of the principal or a PTA meeting can fix things. College professors are different.

If you have professor problems, here's how you can deal with it:

Ignore it
Truth is, in college, your university probably doesn't care about its students that much, compared to high school/grade school administrations. What they say about being on your own and professors not giving a damn about you is true. Remember that people see you as an adult now, not as a kid who needs to complain all the time. 

Besides, you need a grade. Suck it up and deal with it until you graduate. Then you can talk sh*t about him or her all you want. 

Find the bright side
This is difficult, but there's no harm in trying. College might actually turn out to be heaven compared to life after college. Just pretend that you're being trained to deal with a mean boss, like Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada. It's like an exercise for your patience.

Talk to him or her
Now this is me speaking from experience (JK, from my coursemates' experience). My coursemates once told their professor that they found her too strict (well, she was asking for it with that kind of attitude...), and by some miracle, she came into class the next week with a different aura. People can't see their true selves unless others tell them, so why don't you try telling your professor in a calm and respectful manner? (Preferably when he/she's in a good mood...)

Inform your dean
No, this does not make you a tattletale. If necessary, talking about your concerns with your dean is the best way to go. If your professor is, say, inflicting psychological damage upon you, then stop standing idly by. Your dean can't see what's going on within the class, but even so, he/she still cares about the kind of education they offer. 

Find another professor
If you really can't handle it, find another professor. That is, if your college allows it. Just cross your fingers and hope that this new professor isn't worse... Better yet, make sure that you're enrolling in the class of a professor who is known to be good.

Try to see their human side
Consider that your professors are human, like you. They have their own problems at work and at home, and anyone dealing with problems can't just pop into class with a positive attitude. Who knows, maybe on their way to class, they tripped over a rock and face-planted on dog poop? Understand them and they'll understand you... hopefully.

These tips aren't 100% guaranteed to work, but this is how I deal with my professors, or Terror Teachers, as we call them. In the end, it just boils down to you working hard and giving your all -- how your professors treat you shouldn't affect you so much. Just give 'em a big z-snap.

Do you have professor problems right now? I'm on summer break so I don't, but I'm pretty sure that I will next semester, haha! Leave in the comments section below how you deal with professor problems. Comments make me smile! 

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6 comments on "Professor Problems"
  1. I definitely agree with talking to the Dean and talking to the College Professor themselves! It works with a lot of professors (surprisingly). <3

    RANT BELOW ABOUT A CERTAIN PROFESSOR, read at your own risk! I really need to get it off my chest!! :((

    I have another professor problem to add to the list, which is how our professor only showed up 3 times for the whole Finals semester (we were suppose to have around 8-12 meetings in total)! We didn't get to learn anything, and you know what, it was INFURIATING when we met on our FINALS exam day:

    Prof: Did you guys download the file I uploaded *last night*?
    3/4 of the class: We don't know about it, what are you talking about?
    Prof: Then how are you suppose to answer this exam?!

    Only 3 people in our class had the file in our class (because they were online on facebook at 11 pm), and there were around 28 of us, so we started sharing the file to each other and studied 16 pages of full blown text for 10 minutes. In the end though, she made a deal with us on how most of the items we didn't learn from her will be *BONUS POINTS* "to be fair" (and I'm sure it's also a deal on how she doesn't want us to tell on her to the dean). She also started sharing her reasons for her absence: On-and-Off-Fever (understandable), and *all-church-related-stuff-which-i-could-barely-even-BELIEVE*.

    We tried talking to her, we really did. We inquired about meetings, extra meetings, EVERYTHING we could do so we could learn. But for *SOME WEIRD REASON*, she's always NEVER AVAILABLE because of reasons where she may have actual control over in the FIRST PLACE. I know "God over everything else", but she had a job she needed to attend to, too! I don't want to judge her over this, but God-forbid I don't want to be under a professor who doesn't even do her job as a professor. (WHY EVEN SIGN UP FOR IT).

    So I guess we could say the "solution" for this was "Acceptance", or find another instructor (which was our previous solution, but it failed because there wasn't another one available). Our weakness here was that she used our Roman Catholic religion against us, so we really couldn't do anything about it. Ah well, we passed, at least we don't have to be under her anymore. Ugh. :C

    1. Eeee, a super long comment! Now this makes me really happy. Give me a moment to process all of it, haha!

      Anyway, I think professors should learn to separate personal activities from professional ones. They were paid to enlighten their students, not to provide them with the idea that abandoning one's job is acceptable. If he or she can't do it, then he or she might as well resign or hand over his teaching load to someone else.

    2. True, true... She could've just done that, and maybe she did, and no one accepted it. And I could remember her saying something about how she's tired of teaching, but I really hate the fact that she slowly abandoned it *during* her term.

      It would've been nice if she would've just given her all in the end rather than make us suffer and waste time, money, and valuable information on the subject she was teaching. :(

      Even if she's "nice" to us, I hope don't meet another professor like that, especially when I didn't have the option to change professor/remove the subject! :((

    3. Yikes. Nothing worse than a teacher spreading that kind of negativity in class. Motivation = low!

      You're right, she could've just sucked it up until the end. Cross your fingers and REALLY HOPE that you won't get another teacher like that!

  2. I definitely need this advice. I'll be under the same old professor again unfortunately :(

    1. Aw crap, sorry to hear that. I hope you find ways to cope! :(


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