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How To Survive Your First Day of Internship

Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Probably one of the most frightening and stressful moments in anyone's life is the first day of anything. First day of school is hard enough, but first day at work is an entirely different story. Say goodbye to little problems and peer pressure, the workplace is about to slap realness across your face. It's time to step up, show up (and off), and climb that ladder of success. The first day might seem like a "dawn of a new age" moment, but no one can ignore how weird it feels to walk through those doors at work for the first time.
I'm currently interning at a development corporation in the Sales and Marketing department. I have no background of real estate, only little knowledge of architecture, and enough computer skills to get me through the basic office tasks. I've been here for six days and I still haven't gotten used to it, but I'm much better than my state on my first day. Here's how I managed to survive day one:

1. Ready your support system
Have friends you can text or call easily? Tell them to be prepared. You will feel lonely on your first day, so it's important to be able to talk to good friends just to reduce your anxiousness. You can also make new friends at work, but unless you're super friendly, that won't happen on day one.

2. Bring something that calms you
You won't understand what's going on. You won't be used to the flow of things at the office. You'll be frazzled and confused, and at times, you will want to go home. Bring something from home that relaxes you, that makes you feel chilled out, and makes you think about good things only.

3. Talk to people
Talk to your co-workers! Talk to other interns! Talk to anyone and try to learn about the place. They'll understand that you're new and that you're just eager to know more about the company/agency. Even the smallest details about work will count. Familiarize names, get to know personalities, get to know your surroundings, keep yourself busy.

4. Be observant
Don't follow people around like a puppy, but do closely observe what they do and how they do things around there. People will expect you to follow and not have to be supervised all the time. They will appreciate if you take the initiative to learn the ways of the company.

5. Chill out but be open to learning
This is just an internship. You are here to learn (but don't use it as an excuse to be sucky). Calm down, because you won't learn a thing if you're a mess inside your head. Appreciate the small things they teach you (like how they staple their papers and how they arrange folders), and don't be afraid to offer your help/suggestions. If you and your place of internship are compatible, it can be the most fun experience. 


That's pretty much how I got through my first day as an intern. It's normal to be shy and hesitant, but soon enough, you'll grow out of that. 

If any of you are interning soon, I wish you the best. If you've been an intern, let me know how you got through day one in the comments section below! x
5 comments on "How To Survive Your First Day of Internship"
  1. I think your last tip is SO important! When we're relaxed, we're our best! Thank you for sharing your tips. XO, Sarah | |

    1. Glad you think so, Sarah! Happy to share! x

  2. Thank you for sharing your Tips Gail! It's such a big help since my internship is going to start this June and I'm really excited and at the same time anxious. So I just hope my first day will turn out fun. Hehehe

    Ktel |

    1. Hi Ktel! You're welcome! It's great to know that I could be of some help, haha. I'm excited for you and I know you'll do awesome. x

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