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Tips for Bangkok Travel

Sunday, May 1, 2016
Last Wednesday, I blogged about my recent trip to Bangkok. There, I posted some traveler tips and tricks, but I thought it would be better if I dedicated an entire post for tips on Bangkok travel. Sure, some traveling tips can be applied anywhere, but there are some situations in Bangkok that you might not find anywhere else. So if you're going there soon, stick around and I'll share with you the things that I learned throughout my trip.

Favorite part of the trip, probably! If you're going to Bangkok, you will NOT ignore shopping. It will call you and tempt you, and there will be no way to escape it. Some tips, though:

  1. Bring a big shopping bag that can fit all of your other shopping bags.
  2. Do not buy immediately; look through the store first so you can get the best deal.
  3. Most branded items are not cheaper in Bangkok, so it's better if you just buy them when you get home. Buy the things that can be found exclusively in Bangkok.
  4. The price can always be lowered, so ask. Offer your own price.
  5. Buy leather goods! They are hella expensive in other places, but in Bangkok, they're super affordable.
  6. For souvenir items, buy them at markets or malls with cheap items, such as MBK.

Tuk-tuk, taxi, train... you'll have different options in Bangkok. Still, it's best to know which one is best and what you should be careful of.
  1. If two or more persons are traveling, it's better to take the taxi. You'll have to pay for each person if you're taking the train, unlike the taxi, where it's like one price for 1-4 passengers.
  2. Tuk-tuks are expensive. They've sort of become a touristy thing now, and the price goes along with that brand.
  3. Watch out for scammers, especially with taxi drivers. Our driver once asked us to pay 400 Baht for a really short trip because it was "rush hour". Yeah, right. Be sure to ask if it's metered when you hop inside the taxi.
  4. Be ready with pictures of your destination, or have Google Maps installed on your mobile. Most drivers don't understand English, so it's better to be prepared.
  5. If your hotel has a taxi service ready, the price will be higher, but sometimes it would be better to go with that since their drivers have been identified and are trained to also double as guides.

They're the main attraction of Bangkok. Pictures might show them as really magical and peaceful places, but that's not entirely true.
  1. It is FREAKING hot, so bring an umbrella. Hats aren't that useful since they'll only make your head sweat and they won't even cover your entire body.
  2. Bring water. There aren't many places to buy water so just come prepared. You will need water.
  3. Don't wear shorts. Even though it's hot and it seems like the smartest choice of clothing, showing skin is not allowed in the temples. Wear loose pants or skirts.
  4. Be ready for extremely crowded areas and selfie sticks. Tour groups will be coming in, and usually their members fling around their long selfie sticks, and they won't care who they'll hit. 
  5. Don't bother bringing a tripod. It will only get knocked over by incoming tourists. Just take a selfie.
  6. Bring a bag so you can put your shoes in them. There have been cases of people losing their shoes from leaving them outside the temples. Don't risk it and bring your shoes with you inside.

People are generally friendly in Bangkok, but communication is the major barrier. 
  1. Prepare apps that can help you translate.
  2. As said before, be ready with images of places you want to visit.
  3. Use simple English. You don't need to complicate things.
  4. If they use terms that don't seem appropriate, just let it slide. Hey, it's not their first language, give 'em a break.

Those are the tips that I gathered from my tip to Bangkok. I'm sure there are other travelers who can add more tips to the list, so if you've gone there, feel free to comment below! 
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