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Where I Want To Be After College

Wednesday, June 29, 2016
A few days ago, one of my professors asked us a question. "Where do you see yourself after college?" Most of my classmates had ready answers: to become a flight attendant, to manage a bank, all the great-sounding answers preschool teachers would love to hear during "When I grow up, I want to be" moments. Not that their answers were childish -- they were as real as they could be. I get it, people have different aspirations. What struck me the most, though, was this:

I didn't have an answer.

Because I didn't even know where exactly I wanted to be. I understand that getting a job is inevitable (how the hell am I going to pay for Internet and Netflix?), but a real job title has never been something I've really thought about. 
Because what I truly want cannot be equated to a single job title. What I need cannot be found unless stumbled upon. So where do I want to be after college? 

ANYWHERE, as long as I'm able to create and fuel my passions. Anywhere as long as I feel like I'm filling myself, not just my bank account. Anywhere, as long as I don't feel like my life is patterned from some boring plan of graduating, working at a depressing office, getting married, having kids, and then just dying. 

I do not want to think ahead and have a specific occupation in mind, because I don't want to disappoint myself, or to restrict myself. Because who knows what'll happen in the next couple of years. Heck, I might graduate as a communications student and end up going back to architecture, if that's what my heart tells me. 

I'm taking Technology Communication Management (yes, that's my degree/course's name. Long, I know) not because I want to become a manager or a flight attendant (hell no to turbulence) or a call center agent (I would suck at that, anyway, 'cause I like to talk back when people are rude). I'm taking that because I want to develop my skills and discover what I'm really good at. I'm taking that because it's closer to my interests and because Architecture kicked my butt.

My future isn't fucked up just because I have no definite plans. I do have a plan: to be happy. And I believe that if I just stick with that main plan/goal, everything will fall into place. I might not know where I truly want to be right now, but as they say, everything will make sense if you just give it time.

So, dear professor, there is your very broad answer: anywhere. It might not be the most impressive answer, but it's honest, and it's me.
7 comments on "Where I Want To Be After College"
  1. I totally understand this! While I've staying the same major during my time at college, every time someone asks me about my intended career path, my answer changes LOL

    1. Hi Victoria! LOL yeah! I've done the same before and I guess people don't believe me anymore when I give them an answer :'))

  2. Love it girl! The future is scary but I think being open to change and knowing uncertainty might happen is always good. I think that's how a lot of people start to freak out!

    xx, Tomi

    1. Heeey girl! Aww, thanks, glad you like it! And yeah, you're completely right -- the future is TERRIFYING. We all need to chill sometimes and just go with the flow.

      Checking out your fabulous blog now.


  3. I feel the same way whenever my relatives ask me what I plan to do when I finish college! I honestly don't know because I'm so interested in a lot of things and I want to try everything - I can't decided lol. Plus, I still have 2 years left in college and I also don't want to think too hard about the future. :)

    1. Hi Samantha! Ugh, IKR? It's like everyone's expecting us to have it all figured out -- like guys, we're still in college! We have our whole lives to figure it out (but hopefully not too late, haha!) Good luck with college! x

  4. I'm already going to graduate next year and I still don't have any idea what to do next after that. Life after college scares me so much, I want to do so many things, I don't want to stick to one job for the rest of my life, I want to explore, I want to be part of Nat Geo, continue my blogging career (chos), or maybe I'm going to study Law, and do a lot of artsy stuff. Ughhh it's so hard. Huhu


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