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How To: Deal With Classes You Hate

Sunday, July 17, 2016
Classes -- you either hate them or you hate them so much. Well, not entirely true, since there are some lucky few classes that actually (surprisingly) deserve a big ol' Like button, but you get the point. There will always be classes that you would love to set on fire and then push off a building. If only they were concrete objects, right? The things you'd do... 

Sorry, got violent there. Anyway, yeah these classes suck but there's nothing much you can do about them, especially if you're looking to pass with grades that glimmer under the light. So, what can you do? Here are some tips for dealing with classes that you hate.

Count down 
To the day you finally say adios to your most hated class! It might seem like a long countdown, but hey, think about it -- each day is ONE day less of that horrible class! It's like a mini comfort for your pain.

Vent with a friend who hates it as much as you do
You know that moment when you instantly "click" with a person who hates the same things/people that you hate? That moment is just magical. If you're overflowing with hatred toward a subject, it's likely that others are too. Find those awesome people and vent all you want. No one's stopping you. Venting is powerful.

Take your professor out of the picture
You probably hate it because of your professor. Most of the time, that's what makes me hate a subject. My professor's either extremely boring, unprepared, or doesn't show interest in the subject. If that's the situation, try kicking him/her out of the picture, then see if you can actually show some interest in the class. If you can, then learn to learn without your professor. It might be a more fulfilling experience.

Find new ways to learn
Let's say you hate your Chemistry class (I know I did...) because of the difficult problem solving and memorization. You hate that your professor teaches like a man with a chainsaw is running after him. You hate that everyone else seems to be getting it. See, most times, you might hate your class not because of the SUBJECT itself, but because of how it's being taught. If the method of learning isn't for you, then find something that'll work. I had to go on YouTube a LOT and learn from there. I actually found it helpful and better.

Concentrate on the classes you love
But don't abandon the classes you hate (bad grades will look AWFUL in your transcript)! Stop thinking about the classes that deserve to die, and instead, grab motivation from the classes that you love. Pour out most of your energy to those classes and be proud of your achievements there! 


In the end, there's really nothing much you can do about the classes that you hate. Can't ignore them, can't pretend they don't exist -- unless you want to fail. In that case, go ahead, set your classes on fire. 

But seriously, there will always be things you will hate in life. And just like in classes, the only way to deal with them is to accept that they exist, and wait until you can move on. Don't be pulled down by your hatred for your classes; instead, look for the things that ignite your interests and then try to cover those that you hate with those that you love.

What about you, do you have any tips for dealing with classes that are HORRIBLE? Leave them in the comments section below! x
4 comments on "How To: Deal With Classes You Hate"
  1. Omgee. I can relate to this!!! One way of coping up is eating tho,you might actually want to try that ��������


    1. Hahaha! Eating through class!? Sounds perfect!

  2. Totally agree to all of these~~ I do most of these things to cope with the classes I hate, especially knowing that it's just going to pass through my day. :))

    Another great read from you Gail, very relatable~ <3 :3

    1. Thank you dah-ling! Let's keep swimming. x


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