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Should Relationships Be Shared Online?

Wednesday, September 7, 2016
A number of friends on my timeline constantly share images and status updates of their relationships on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites. While I admire their 'undying' love and their efforts at taking the best couple-selfie and choosing the best filter to show off the radiance of their relationship, I often find myself cringing and resisting to throw up.

Okay, maybe that's a SLIGHT exaggeration.

Kissing photos. Couple shirt photos. Cuddling photos. Full body photos if them hanging out at amusement parks. Status updates about their love (hello, "Thinking about you *tags significant other here*). Messages to their significant other which they post on the significant other's wall even if it could have just been sent as a private message.

Honestly, there should just be a social network where couples can post whatever the hell they want, and couples alike can relate and like everything that the rest of us absolutely find cringe-worthy.

Because really, should relationships be openly shared online, without filters and without boundaries? Shouldn't relationships be kept private, at some level? Maybe it's just me, but sometimes it would seem like they've turned relationships into something that should be bragged about. It's like, "Hello, look at me and my girlfriend having such a fun time!" Shouldn't you just enjoy your company with your partner, without having to worry about what to share with the entire world?

Look, we're assuming that you two got together because you two wanted each other. You and your partner. Two people. Do you see any space in that equation where other people should belong? Nope, because we aren't supposed to be actively involved in your relationship. It's your relationship, not ours, so why do you feel the urge to update us with what you eat, where you went, and how many hearts you use in Messenger?

Relationships are about YOU and your partner. You should invest in spending time together, enjoying each other's company, and developing your relationship. Having an audience does not justify your relationship; sincerity does. You do not have to constantly update the world just to make it seem official or real. You do not have to broadcast every moment of your relationship, only to look back after you've broken up, realizing how many posts you need to delete. I believe that keeping certain things private can help you two develop intimacy. Just think about it: not sharing everything is like keeping a little secret all to yourselves. Don't you want that? Don't you want something that's for you two alone?

I get it. You want to share your happiness with the rest of us, and that's fine. But posting every hour and sharing your 'personal' messages with your Facebook friends? That's called being annoying. It'll make you look like your main goal from being in a relationship is to flood our Timelines with your poorly-filtered selfies.

I guess relationships can be shared online, but come on, there should be limits. Go ahead, change your relationship status, post a couple of pictures, tag each other sometimes. But please remember that your relationship will not grow by merely posting online.

How about, instead of investing so much time and effort in posting online, you just go on a date. Talk. Laugh. Get to know each other more.

Not everything needs to be shared publicly.

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6 comments on "Should Relationships Be Shared Online?"
  1. Your second paragraph describes a lot of people in the honeymoon phase of their relationship. I've been with my wife for 5 years now, and I barely talk about her on social media outside the casual selfie with us every now and then. I feel no need to talk about her 24/7 online. Everyone who knows me, knows we love each other. Some people in relationships are so obsessed with being in one that they need to show it off..... every minute of the day on your newsfeed. lol.

    Darianne |

    1. Hi Darianne! MTE, people don't need to show it off. Thanks for taking the time to read! x

  2. Fave post on your blog so far! <3

    1. Rants make good posts haha! Thanks Fini xx

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