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So What if I Don't Drink and Party in College?

Sunday, September 11, 2016
Lots of movies about college paint the typical college experience with "fun" experiences like getting drunk with other students, hooking up, and partying wildly. Now, not being a student from America, which is where most of these movies are set, I'm not 100% sure of how exaggerated these films are. But I'm pretty sure they influence your expectations for college no matter where you're from. I'm also sure that these college activities are labeled as must-dos for most people. 

A few of my friends once "invited" me to go out with them after class. I placed invited in quotes because I wasn't sure if they were kidding (who would honestly think I would go out for drinks?) or maybe they were just hoping that, by some miracle, I would go along. Anyway, I said no (because who has the time with all of this work that needs to be done!?!?) and started thinking... 

There'd been occasions when people would tell me to 'loosen up' and 'go out partying for once', and that I was being too studious/serious about my assignments and projects. They'd emphasize the need to have fun and that partying and drinking were both vital college experiences. I get where they're coming from; it is important to de-stress sometimes, and people relax through different ways. But, to me, as someone who achieves 'having fun' through calmer, more introverted ways, it's a bit unfair to be labeled as prudish or boring simply because I don't enjoy these stereotyped college experiences.

I have different priorities
Simply put, I would rather get no sleep because I had to work on assignments, rather than get no sleep because I was out all night. Right now, my priorities include school and skills. Your priorities may be different (socializing, enjoying the moment, whatever) but just because you can't see my priorities through my point of view, does not mean your priorities are better than mine.

I just don't enjoy it
Loud music, drinks that don't even taste good (I've tasted alcohol before and it tastes horrible, IMO), and people talking too much? No thanks. It may be appealing to others but I would rather stay home, watch an aesthetically pleasing film, and oversleep.

I'm reserving 'fun' for after graduation
Saying no to partying and drinking now does not mean I'm never going to party and drink. Who knows, maybe after graduation, I'll spend an entire week doing that. (Probably not, I like relaxing in my pajamas more). I just think that now is not the time to miss your chances at improving your resume, and since most companies look at your college performance, you should take time to excel in your academics. College tuition is insane; why waste it?

Look, I totally respect your choice to drink and party. You can still achieve so much even if you don't devote all of your time to academics. But what I'm saying is that you should respect me as I respect you. Don't label students who aren't wild party-goers as prudes or whatever. Chances are, they aren't even as boring as you think they are. They're probably having the same amount of fun as you are, just with different ways. 

So what if I don't drink and party in college? Those two things are minor details compared to the big things that contribute to my value. In fact, if you ask me, they're quite irrelevant. Drink or not, party or not, those are just activities considered 'important' because we're at this point in our lives. After a couple of years, other things will be considered 'necessary for our age'. 

It's best to just ignore that and do whatever makes you comfortable and happy. 

You do you, and I'll do me. 

Photo Credit: Jens Johnsson
6 comments on "So What if I Don't Drink and Party in College?"
  1. I can relate to this post SO much! I really enjoyed it!! xo

    1. Hey Mikayla! Thanks! Checking out your blog now! x

  2. Same here! A lot of my friends go out to drink and party and I'm kind of left here on the outside, but that's okay, 'cuz I have my fictional characters to keep me company.

    1. Good thing we can always rely on our fictional friends, haha! x

  3. I totally feel this post - I just started college (in Hungary, so no US experience here, either) and partying, or at least going out for drinks frequently seems to be the norm for most people.

    I think this is kind of ridiculous, tbh. I mean, sure, IF someone enjoys going out, go for it! Everyone needs relaxing & I'm NOT going to judge ANYONE for finding drinking and partying the best way to do that (even though, for me, relaxing is sitting in my pajamas and reading haha). What does bother me is that this is so much the norm that people who don't like to go out much STILL feel the need to do so, bc everyone is doing it... so there must be something wrong with not wanting that, right? HECK NO.

    Most young people are so good at understanding that being different is a good thing, so why don't they understand when their friend doesn't like to get drunk? Or if they, themselves doesn't like to go out, why can't they just say so? UGH, I'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND PEOPLE lol.

    That said, I don't mind going out for drinks once in awhile, but I never really get drunk... IDK, it just makes me uncomfortable to get in a state like that and then have to stumble home. BUT I'M WEIRD, OKAY? However, I HATE when the people I'm out with feel the need to try to pressure me into drinking more... like, why on Earth do you care?

    Anyhow, I prefer watching movies or just hanging out with friends out home over going out drinking any day.

    Wonderful post & sorry for the long-ass comment! :)

    Veronika @ The Regal Critiques

    1. Girl, you don't have to apologize for your long-ass comment! I love it! Thanks so much for taking the time to read, btw!


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