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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Dear Self-Proclaimed Smartasses

Self-proclaimed smartasses: we've all met at least one. Recently, I came across an alarmingly angry Facebook post by a student in my college. In it, she mentioned how disappointed she was that some people couldn't construct proper English sentences despite being educated. Insert additional statements about how good she is with the English language, while not actually being that good... 

Oh, smartasses. They annoy us. They infuriate us. They don't seem to have anything better to do. I've always found them fascinating. Why would someone take the time to viciously criticize even the smallest details about others? What do they gain? Is it for pride? Do they do it to convince themselves that they're better than they actually are? 

I will admit that my use of the English language isn't perfect. It isn't my first language, and I learned it only from watching TV and reading books. I consider myself pretty good with the English language but I don't parade around wearing a crown. When someone in my Newsfeed posts something in imperfect English, I don't go correcting them in the comments section. I message them, tell them they might want to change their verbs to something else. I don't act rude just so I can display my 'intellect'.

Which leads me to my message for all the self-proclaimed smartasses out there:


Why do you feel so compelled to harshly correct someone when they make the smallest mistake? Everyone is allowed to make mistakes because we weren't made to be right all the time. Instead of positively fueling that person's thirst for knowledge, you drown him in embarrassment. You lash out and harass him, even when his mistake didn't matter that much. 

Why do you feel the urge to proudly 'impart' your knowledge to those whom you think lack it? Is it your way of leaving your mark on the world? Sharing your knowledge is fine, but sharing it in a way that you're judging others for not knowing? Not cool. 

Why do think so highly of yourself, as if you know everything there is to know? You cannot possibly be at the peak of your game. No one ever is. Everyone is learning, growing, changing. You aren't truly successful if you cannot even act humbly. Why do you think that you're always right, even when you're not? 

Please, even if you are that smart, try to go beyond the books and readings, and start being smart with how you treat people. Don't kick them down for not matching your 'standard'. Pull them up. Help them build themselves up. Don't turn them into the fuel for your ego.

You may be smart, and you may think that you are, but trust me, darling... no one likes a self-proclaimed smartass.

Is sounding smart really worth losing respect?

Think about it.

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  1. ������ Hands up to this!!!

    1. Hey thanks! I'd give you a high five but you're hiding, Anonymous! Haha. x

  2. pang Flat 1 kaayo!! Daug :* hahaha

  3. You nailed it Gail ���� Well said ❤

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Stephanie Jane! Thanks! I just had to say it! :) x

  5. This is totally valid. Especially if it's coming from a rude, malicious place. But I don't wonder if some smart asses are just trying to be funny. I know when I'm being a smart ass it's usually to get a laugh. Not a great excuse - and def not the same as the people who are just plain rude!

    xoxo Kelsey

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  7. Hahaha I should make my grammar nazi "friends" read this.

  8. Great list! I need to read some of theseGreat list! I need to read some of these!

  9. I love it ! Super relate kaayo ko.Thanks


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