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It Was a Good Semester.

Monday, April 10, 2017

It was a good semester. Probably the best semester, even. I've been in university for four years now and none of my old semesters come close to this one. This one was just different, magical. There might have been more than a couple of challenges but amidst those hardships were experiences that I will never forget, experiences that I will always cherish.

This semester was a semester of Firsts. No, not that kind of "Firsts" *insert eye roll*.

For the first time, I was excited to go to class.
I had always hated going to class for several reasons; hated the professor, hated the subject, and hated the oral recitations (and unnecessary dance presentations, if I may add), just to name a few. I'd wake up each day and dread going to university. But this semester, I never felt forced to go to class. I actually looked forward to going to class. Which might be because...

For the first time, I felt confident.
Not gonna lie, most of the time, I hated going to class because of the unknown. What do I mean? I'm referring to unannounced oral recitations, presentations and straight up participation. A lot of people look at me and think that I'm 100% confident, but hell no. Most of the time, my palms are sweating and my stomach is full of butterflies. This time, though, this anxious feeling was lessened. I started not caring about whether or not I would answer correctly during participation, if I would give a perfect performance, or if I would even have an answer at all. 

For a long time, I had developed a fixation for perfection. I wanted to be right all the time. I'm proud to say that I've finally learned to be okay with being wrong.

For the first time, I gave people a chance.
Yes, for three years (...well, maybe even longer), Gail was a total bitch who never looked at people whom she thought weren't her "type" or "squad material." Gail raised her eyebrows at too many people. Gail missed a lot of possible chances at making new and genuine friends. But this semester, Gail stepped out of that bitchy zone. I'm going to stop talking in third person now.

I became good friends with people whom I never thought I would be friends with (Hi, Chad). I spent my time with people whom I once gave bitchy stares... and I learned to love those people. 

I've written about how I learned to give people a chance before but I just felt like adding it here because it's such an important part of my semester. I think that because I started to give people a chance, my outlook toward other things became more positive.

For the first time, I learned to open up to people.
People have always looked at me as someone mysterious. No one truly knew what I went through, who I once was,  and what my dreams and fears were. I kept so many parts of me a secret from people because I had built a wall around myself out of the fear of being judged or even hated... but because I learned to be a better friend toward others, I slowly tore those walls down.

I've shared things I've never shared. I've learned to develop trust, as well as earn it.

And it feels so good to finally feel safe talking about certain things.

For the first time, I tried new things.
Haha. No. Not that kind of stuff. By "new things", I mean I learned to challenge myself. I took on responsibilities like organizing a university awards program, directing a film, and taking on the challenge of being a thesis leader. Heck, I even joined a Mindanao-wide debate competition, when I had no experience at debating at all. 

Before, I was afraid of trying new things because I was scared that I would humiliate myself and disappoint people, including myself. But one thing this semester taught me is that you will never know your potential until you put yourself out there and try.

For the first time, I learned to let people go.
Let's just say that I realized some people weren't "good" for me, that some people whom I thought were redeemable actually weren't, and that toxic people would only bring me down.

This semester was full of shitty and challenging moments (ahem, event management and thesis), but at the end of the day, I'm willing to look past those negative moments and instead dwell on all the wonderful things that happened this semester. Because really, I've never felt so thankful for a semester until now. I never thought I would experience a good semester in college because I had always thought college was supposed to be hell.

Finally, for the first time, I realized that college is more than getting good grades and getting out of here.

So thank you, second semester of school year 2016-2017. You were awesome.
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  1. University can be such a mess at times but there is some inspiration here. I am very shy and I normally don't open up to people so this article gave me hope. Very well written:)


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