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Summer Goals

Friday, April 14, 2017
I don't believe in total vacations. Now some people might think that this kind of attitude is harmful because yes, I concede, taking a break and rejuvenating are important for the health. But to me, the idea of totally resting and relaxing for the sake of just resting and relaxing is, well, wasteful. I don't want to waste one day at the same level that I was yesterday. I'm the kind of person who wants to keep moving forward.

So, this summer, I've set a couple of goals that I plan to accomplish while relaxing, if there even is such as thing as being busy + relaxing. Anyway, these goals range from short fitness goals to long-term career-building goals.

Tone my body
I lost a decent amount of weight last semester. My clothes four years ago now fit me again, which makes me really happy, but I'm not satisfied. I love seeing the changes in my body. I love being able to step out in clothes I wouldn't normally wear. I love the newfound feeling of confidence. I wanna take it further and lose more weight while toning my body. I've started doing YouTube-guided exercises at home and eating less. Some people find my desire to lose weight as something alarming, but honestly, whatever makes me happy. 

Disclaimer: I don't think there's anything wrong with personal weight preferences (if you wanna be plus-sized or skinny, go ahead, you do you). 

Improve my skincare routine
I owe this goal to YouTubers. Seeing their skin so healthy and pink makes me jealous. But besides that, I think having good skin really can boost your appearance. I want that healthy glow. I want my face to be a smoother canvas for when I put on makeup. This may be a vain necessity for some, but again, whatever makes me happy and improves my confidence. *nonchalant shrug*

Develop this blog
This blog was abandoned for months last semester and I truly regret not taking care of it. I lost my rhythm and I lost my audience/loyal followers. I want to take my free time this summer to create better content, connect with fellow bloggers, reestablish that vibe, and hopefully develop connections that will help me take this blog further. Writing is my passion, but it wouldn't hurt to also earn something from it, if you know what I mean... 

Learn a skill
As I said, I hate not being better than my yesterday-self. I hate that feeling of summer where you're stuck in a relaxed zone, because I find it difficult to break from that relaxed routine. I'm not attracted to the concept of chilling without being productive. This summer, I want to continue to develop my skills and learn anything, may it be learning how to contour or learning how to make homemade ice cream.

Never be stagnant. Keep on learning. Don't waste chances. Don't waste time.

Get back to writing
I don't know if you know, but before I started blogging, I was an aspiring novelist. (Check out my work here) From my first year in high school to the third year of college, my entire summer would all be about writing a novel. I would complete a 300-page novel in two months, novels which I swore I would edit and polish and publish. 

I lost touch with my novelist side the past year because I started questioning my ambitions. Now my writing styles (novels vs blog posts/essays) are really different, and I feel like I need to find that novelist voice again. Because even though my dreams have changed, I would still be willing to publish a novel one day. 

Those are my main goals for this summer. I might add minor ones in between, but those are just the ones I truly want to accomplish. I'll see you at the end of summer with a post relating to this one, to see if I did stick to my goals.

What about you? What are your goals for the summer (or even just your goals for now, if it's not summer where you are)? Comment below! 

For now, au revoir. 
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