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The Obsession with Celebrities

Saturday, April 15, 2017
I’ve spoken openly about my distaste for celebrity obsession specifically on a certain celebrity who rose to fame through the use of a popular app. In the previous sentence, I’ve omitted details on purpose to avoid backlash from her (hint hint) fans, and I’ve actually deleted the said post out of fear of being mauled by them on my way to school.

It has taken me some time to understand that the fear of expressing my thoughts on certain things will only hold me back from growing as a “writer”, so now I have decided to speak on that topic again and hopefully, not for the final time.

But I will still hide details ’cause I don’t wanna die yet. (Seriously, hating someone for expressing their opinion just because their opinion isn't aligned with yours? Come on now, be classy.) 

Celebrities dominate major aspects – you see them endorsing products on TV, tagging a certain product on Instagram with the hashtag #spon or #ad, you see them posting their opinions on a certain political party, and you hear about them on the news. Their presence in even the smallest fraction of our everyday routine does not fail to show its significance. Celebrities are important. Celebrities should be listened to. Celebrities are gods.

Before I sound too hateful let me give them some credit, ’cause hey, they deserve it too.

I fully understand the role that celebrities play in society. Some may say that they exist to stand as symbols for things, aside from being symbols for products in commercials. But celebrities generally have the power to influence the masses. Celebrities have been used to support political parties, promote awareness, and change public opinion. You’ve probably seen how Katniss Everdeen was used as a “face of the revolution”, and even though that’s fiction, her role as celebrity is the same. The people of Panem would never had won if they didn’t have a face to follow, right?

Besides, celebrities earn their status by doing great in their fields. Famous chefs get recognized for creating signature dishes. Actors get stars on the Walk of Fame for their exemplary work. Artists earn respect because they created something oddly inspiring. There’s nothing wrong with admiring people who have excelled or succeeded out of pure hard work and passion. This kind of celebrity is great. But the kind of celebrity that really pisses me off are the ones who don’t do shit (well, they do shit, but irrelevant shit) but still get praised anyway.

But that’s not my point for now. I'll reserve that for a future post. 

Going back to my previous statement, admiration for celebrities is fine. If done in moderation. Be happy for them. Be proud of their achievements. Use them as inspiration. But don’t overdo it.

The obsession with celebrities, I think, has become a disease. Some people spend too much time concerned about the lives of these individuals to the point of looking at these people as gods. Way too important than they actually are. I know that sounds harsh, and some people are probably (definitely) going to hate me for saying that, but it’s the truth.

It amuses me to see people waste spend so much time either building or breaking a certain celebrity. For example, some people make YouTube videos solely to bash an actress. I'm amazed at their often inaccurate researching skills, as well as their dedication to write and edit a video for that shallow purpose. Others take their time to comment on so many Instagram pictures to express their love for a certain celebrity. It's like, "Okay, we get it. You love him/her. Do you have to invest so much of your time on him/her, though?"

Some hardcore fans buy shirts with that person’s face. Some people obsessively stalk their idols. Some fans get into heated arguments with other people who don’t share the same obsession as they do. Does this sound familiar to you: “You’re just jealous/insecure! What can YOU do? What have YOU done?”

Firstly, the logic behind that is shaky. Second, commenting on damaging behavior isn’t related to personal achievements, so… I mean, sometimes it’s best to leave these fans and let them cool off.

But honestly, why should somebody else’s business be more important to you than your own? How does knowing who she's dating help you? How does knowing what he eats for breakfast improve society? What makes them so interesting that you would spend/waste money and time on these people? 

Look, it is absolutely FINE to admire celebrities and be their “fans” but please understand that these people are not your life. Instead of spending your energy on being so obsessed with celebrities, why don’t you work on yourself and start developing skills that would actually take you somewhere?

Who knows, maybe you’ll become a celebrity, too.

Admire. Aspire. But don’t obsess.

As with other things, take them in moderation.
12 comments on "The Obsession with Celebrities"

    1. Thanks! I'm happy someone else thinks the same way! x

  2. SO MUCH TRUTH! But I think the we, especially Filipino peeps, have growned accustomed on treating celebrities like gods and goddesses especially celebrity couples UGH! I mean the actors are okay but most of the fans are just WILD! It's like they would freak out if their fave couple won't be together in a movie and would bash whoever will get in the way of their OTPs.

    1. Hi Yssa! Yeah, I think it all comes down to culture, too... but even if it's part of culture, doesn't make it right! Sometimes it just becomes too annoying, ugh. x

  3. I watch a lot of YouTube and have become seriously obsessed with watching one content creators fans attack another group of fans. I enjoy so many people's videos, music, movies, but I would never threaten another person because they had a different opinion. Part of me wants to say it's a generation thing but I don't think it's that simple. Loved the post overall!

    1. Hi Rubi! Thanks for reading! Yeah, it does seem like a generation thing and I hope it doesn't continue. Being rude just cause your opinions don't match isn't right. :) xx

  4. I think you raise a lot of good points. You shouldn't be so focused on a celebrity that you care more about them than you do yourself. However I think people are mostly interested in celebrities because it's a form of escape. Most people will never know what that lifestyle is like and it's intriguing to know little bits of info that you wouldn't already by privy to. Still, there is such a thing as going overboard.


    Violet Roots || Instagram

    1. Yeah, that's probably one of the reasons... Would be interesting to find out why, don't you think? Thanks for reading! :) xx

  5. BIG CHECK!!! Some fans are really irritating especially those who destroyed one's reputation. What they done are just so below the belt.

    1. Hahaha, IKR? Too much investment in things that don't really matter. x


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