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Don't Be Fixated on One Dream

Tuesday, May 2, 2017
Let me tell you a story. 

From elementary school to my third year of college, my dream was to become a novelist. I wanted to see my books, with my name boldly written across the cover, in shelves across the world. I dreamed of holding book signings and reading fanfiction written by my readers. I hoped to one day have my stories turned into live action films. I would spend my summers writing novels. I would go home right after school to work on my daily goal of 1500 words. I was too focused on reaching the dream, because that's what you're supposed to do with dreams, right?

It may have been to ambitious, but the story is true. All that time, I was fixated on the idea of being a novelist, that I turned down other opportunities that may have been right, or even better, for me.

Often when we have dreams, we become too determined to make them come true, without really discovering whether or not the dream is what's suited best for us. We read too many inspirational quotes about reaching for our dreams no matter what, but no quote ever tells us to sit back and evaluate that dream. Quotes make it seem like that dream is the only dream worth chasing, that maybe we were "born" or "destined" to make that dream a reality. 

But the thing is, dreams can change because your interests will change

You will become interested in new things, like maybe web design or musical theater. You will be influenced by your environment, by the things you are exposed to, by your peers, and by ANYTHING. You will discover things that will add to your list of interests, thus possibly changing your dreams. 

Your old dream might just have been the result of your interests at that time. If your dream was to become a chef, that might have been 'cause you were influenced by your passion for cooking shows and Gordon Ramsay. But, as you move forward and develop as an individual, you'll go through experiences and discover things that will shape you.

You need to understand people are constantly being moulded until they reach a certain point in their lives. Until they've reached that point (and actually even beyond), they're open to new interests.

Don't be worried that you've strayed from your original dream, because you were never obliged to reach that dream anyway. Your dreams are up to you

Allow yourself to change. Your dream, though it may seem so "inspirational" and "magical" to have it as your guiding light, should not be there to restrain you. Don't be pressured by the quotes you see on Facebook and Pinterest. Don't go chasing dreams if you'll close yourself off from other possibilities. Because if you do, you might throw away what you were truly meant to do, and you'll realize too late that the dream you've been working on has become something you actually hate.

When I stopped being so obsessed with my novelist dream, I finally understood what I truly wanted. I understood that I just wanted to share my stories and inspire people, then I realized that those goals were attainable not just through writing novels. I got exposed to other fields as well, like media and communication, and I realized that I worked well in those fields, and I was actually happier there.

Your original dream, if it is truly what you are passionate about, won't necessarily disappear. You can incorporate new interests with the original dream. In my case, I can merge sharing stories and inspiring people with media by running this blog and making videos on YouTube. So I urge you to discover the whys to your dream first.

Why do you want this, why do you want that? Go to the core of the dream. 

Dreams shouldn't be there because you just want to be at the top of your game, or you just want to fulfill your destiny before you die. Dreams should be there for a bigger and better purpose. They should be grounded on things that truly matter to you, and to the rest of the world.

Don't be fixated on one dream because this is a huge world with endless possibilities. Expand your horizon and find what your heart truly wants and/or needs.
5 comments on "Don't Be Fixated on One Dream"
  1. I can so relate to this.

  2. This is a great help for me.I've been confused and changing tracks on what I should do to my life that I sometimes lose hope.What you have written here motivates me to move and make some change in my life. And for that Thank You!��

  3. That is so true. I recently have realised this and its making me feel so much better about accomplishing things different than my childhood dreams.


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