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Katkat, Based on What?

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
(verb) To climb
Often a word used to refer to social climbers

There's a difference between purposely acting a certain way in order to be perceived as privileged and doing certain things for the sole purpose of enjoying oneself. 

Some would call people who belong in the first group as "social climbers" because of that motive: to be seen as more privileged than they actually are, and to feel as though they belong to the upper class. Call it the desire for association or whatever, but yes, these people do exist and I've encountered a couple of them. 

But here's the problem: because there's no way to know what a person's motive for (let's just say) going to Starbucks is, how can you determine what's 'katkat' (social climbing) and what's purely an action done to satisfy one's need/impulse/whatever? 

To be honest, I was triggered to write this because I am sick of hearing peers label people they saw in Starbucks, people shopping at designer brands, etc. as social climbers by merely glancing at them. Why must there be a need to label people negatively, when we don't even know who that person is, and what that person is thinking. Unless he/she posts on social media "Going to Starbucks so I'm going to look posh and rich", then there's really no need to call someone katkat. It's such a baseless judgment. 

I'm writing this because I do know some people, including myself, who have been labeled as such. Now some people can just brush off a comment like that, but it does get irritating and offensive, especially when people keep hitting you with that label. The thing is, the first labeling of katkat isn't the problem: it's the story that follows after. We all know that people love to gossip and talk shit about other people, and in this society, the moment you're labeled as katkat, people start coming up with their own version of your story. They write your narrative for you. It can be damaging, really.

Why must there be a need to judge, anyway? We don't know what's in their minds. We don't know their true motives. People amuse themselves through different ways, and if they find amusement in being katkat, who are we to tell them off? I'm sure that deep inside, there's a more profound reason to their behavior that we will never understand, so unless we do, we can't make our own conclusions. Can't we just let people enjoy their time at Starbucks without having to mouth the words 'katkat' to our friends? Can't ya'll just ignore me when I do that, because honestly, I just do it for the WiFi? 

I've said it before and I'll say it again. If their action do not negatively impact you and the world, then you should just mind your own business. Do you. Work on you. 
3 comments on "Katkat, Based on What?"
  1. "If their action do not negatively impact you and the world, then you should mind your own business. " hahaha love this line. Maybe, they're just bored with their life that's why they keep on minding someone else's businessđŸ˜‚ hahaha

  2. Hahaha maybe! Thanks for reading, gorg! x

  3. They are just insecure atleast you have the courage in going to those fancy shop.�


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