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My Daily Skincare Routine

Thursday, May 11, 2017
One of my goals this summer is to improve my skincare routine. I've looked online, but most of the skincare routines I've seen around either cost too much or take too much effort. Now, I understand that you should always put effort if it's something important to you, but hey, not all of us have the time and resources to have a 'legit' skincare routine. So, if you're like me, who's always running late and has no "me time", read on to discover my daily skincare routine. It's affordable, efficient and effective. 

In the AM
Step 1: Exfoliate with St. Ives Apricot Scrub - PHP 249 (Watsons, supermarkets)

I've jumped from product to product but I always keep coming back to this one. My acne situation isn't that bad, but I like to make sure I never have any breakouts. So far, this is the only product that has made me safe from breakouts and leave me with a fresh-feeling face. This scrub exfoliates well and doesn't leave your skin with a chemicaly or bathroomy smell. I also love how it isn't a whitening product because I hate products that seem promising, but then I see the label and it says it whitens, so I just leave and say nope. I don't wanna whiten, okay? I just wanna exfoliate. 

I prefer this product in this pot packaging because it's easier to use and you won't be wasting any leftover product.

Step 2: Moisturize with face masks - PHP 65 per piece (Watsons)

I've only recently discovered the magic of face masks. Before, I used to have really poor skin in the morning. I'd put on makeup over dull skin and have to suffer for the rest of the day. I've found that moisturizing your face really helps overall -- even without makeup, I've noticed a glow or a freshness in my face. I've tried other brands but this face mask from Watsons is my current favorite. It doesn't lie when it says rich lotion formula because it is extremely lotion-y. Each time I use this, my face feels smoother than a baby's butt and I do see the difference in terms of firmness. 

I don't use face masks each day, 'cause 3 days per week of using this is good enough!

In the PM
Step #1: Exfoliate again with St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Right before going to bed (and after taking off my makeup, of course) I give my face a good scrub with my ever trusted facial scrub. It helps remove excess dirt left on your face and, again, acts as protection against acne.

Step #2: Apply Nivea Refreshing Toner - PHP 169 (Watsons, supermarkets)

I've been using a toner because I've read that it helps with oily skin. But aside from that, it's perfect for taking off whatever shit is left on your face. I use Nivea's toner because Nivea has never let me down unlike some people, joke plus I'm still getting into the "toner life" and this product didn't disappoint me, so why not? What I do is moisten a cotton pad and gently massage my face and neck, then let my skin "breathe" for a while before moving to the next step.

Step #3: Make miracles happen with Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil - PHP 174, Human Nature

If I had to choose only ONE product to keep, I'd choose this. Why? Because it does so many things. This beauty oil isn't limited to your face -- you can use it all over your body. But for someone who hates feeling too sticky, I just limit my use to my face. Like holy crap, this product actually does what it claims to do. It has lightened dark spots on my face, moisturized and lessened redness especially around the nose area, firmed my skin, and given me that extra glow (you can't have too much glow). It's miraculous.

Step #4: No chapped lips with Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm - PHP 225 (Beauty Bar)

Can this still be considered part of my skincare routine? Whatever, I'll include it anyway, lols. 

My lips get so dry and chapped if I don't take care of them, and for someone who puts on lipstick on an almost daily basis, having chapped lips with lipstick on isn't a good look at all. A friend gave me this lip balm and I've been loving it. I put a good layer on at night instead of the morning because in the morning, I have to get ready fast and put on lipstick, and I hate how it feels underneath the lipstick. It does have a peppermint taste, which I love if it's by itself. Since using this, I haven't had any problems with my lips. 


Clearly my nighttime routine is longer than the morning routine, but that's just 'cause I have more time during the evening. I generally do not like using too many products because I like keeping my skin as "natural" as it can be, and I just don't have too much money to spend on skincare because I'm always spending it on clothes. So this is perfect for anyone who wants to maintain their skin on a budget.

I know my routine isn't as "glamorous" as others but hey, it works for my skin. That's the greatest thing I've learned from exploring skincare: that you should tailor your routine to your skin. Not all products will work for everyone, so it's best to explore different products (but be safe and research about them first!) until you find products that work for you and your budget.

And really, the greatest magic of all is to drink water. Trust me. It's the best skincare practice you can do for yourself.
6 comments on "My Daily Skincare Routine "
  1. Great post! I think I'm going to try that oil if I can find it here. Is it available only in the Philippines?

    1. Thanks! You should try it. It's available in different countries, actually. <3

  2. Im here for the books hehehe :) but surprisingly, I can relate so much from this post. I love St. Ives' facial scrub! <3

    1. Hi Edchelle, hahaha! Thanks for stopping by. x

  3. While browsing through your blog, this was the very first thing that captured my interest because i'm obsessed with skincare (even though i'm obviously ugly, lol) i thought the 10-step Koreanskincare is the best and most simple way to have amazing skin, but looks like this one tops it all with less effort and expense. I tried the Nivea toner before (but mine was the green one) and yes, it feels so refreshing on my face! I love the way you share all of this, it's like you're a professional critique or something hahaha :) Thanks for sharing this, lookong forward for more of your blog posts! <3

    Alexis Mae J. Cabais

    1. OK first, whatchu talking about girl? You're GORGEOUS.

      And I'm definitely gonna check out that 10-step Korean skin care you mentioned. Thanks for sharing it! x


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