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Can You Just Be Happy for Me?

Saturday, June 10, 2017
So you accomplish something. Let's say your essay got published in a national newspaper. You feel ecstatic because you've been dreaming about this since who-knows-when. Family members and friends congratulate you, they tell you how proud they are of you, but in the crowd, one annoying face sticks out, and they have only one thing to say:

"It isn't that good."

Well, that's one of the things they could say, among an endless list of unhappy comments such as, "Who cares?", "You could've done better", and "I don't think it's much of an achievement" but you get the point. No matter how successful you've become, there will always be people who won't see that as a good thing. There'll always be people who can't and won't be happy for you.

I see those people being divided into two categories: people who just can't be happy for you, and the people who take that further by trying to bring you down. I've experienced being surrounded by those two, and I equally hate them both. XOXO.

I don't know why there are people who can't accept other people's achievements. At first they smile and seem proud of your success, but behind that, they're ready to fill you with doubt. They tell you that your triumphs aren't as great as you think they are, and that no one really cares, especially them. For some reason, they just don't want to see you be happy. You ask them why they think that way, but they can't give you a logical answer. They don't feel like you deserve it at all, even though all of us are on equal ground.

I don't know why, exactly, there are people who find ways to tear others down from their success. They craft narratives of your life, making up negative stories about how you got to where you are now. They spread rumors about your past, hoping to make you seem less worthy of your triumphs. They throw issue after issue at you, hoping that they can faze you and eventually knock you down. They would rather paint their tongues with spite than see you on the pedestal which you built yourself. 

Is it because they feel threatened? Is it because by shining, you have made them feel as though their worth and abilities aren't that great, compared to yours? Have their insecurities been unleashed? If that's their reason, that's purely (forgive my language) bullshit. The success of others does not stop anyone from succeeding in their own ways. 

I don't know why these people are so bothered by something which doesn't directly concern them. Besides, there's nothing negative about it, so why make such a big fuss about it?

So, to the people who cannot be happy for me, I have something to say. What does my success mean to you? Is it something that threatens you, scares you, challenges you? I've been working my ass off just like everyone else, just like you, yet somehow you feel as though I'm in no position to feel the same satisfaction that all of us naturally desire. Why do I, of all people, deserve your bitterness? Why must you be so concerned with what I achieve in my life, when you could simply just expend your energy on working toward your own goals?

Can't you appreciate someone who has worked hard to get to where they want to be? If you were to become successful, wouldn't you want others to be happy for you, as well? Or maybe that's why you haven't reached that point yet... because as much as you'd like to succeed, you do not want others to have the same joy. You can't see the beauty in seeing everybody succeed in their own fields, in their own ways, in their own time.

Can you just be happy for me, and for everyone else?

In this world filled with so many unhappy dream crushers, I guess the best thing to do is to ignore, move on, and continue slaying all aspects of your life. Because while they might not be happy for you, the most important thing is you're happy with yourself. Spend your energy on the things that matter, and that clearly does not involve them.
8 comments on "Can You Just Be Happy for Me?"
  1. I experienced this also,I thought they are happy for me but when I am out those people keep on backstabbing me and that's kinda hurt.Who would have thought they will do that?It was just a simple success yet they making a big fuss about it.

    1. Yup unfortunately we can't get rid of those comments ever :( x

  2. This blog and this blog has so much positivity in it. I think we all need to get those positive vibes from the people around us and that will make this world a better and happier place to live in.

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