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Not Just a Pretty Face

Sunday, June 4, 2017
Ever since I started wearing makeup and putting more effort into my fashion choices, some people have been saying that I've learned to ignore the important things. By important, I mean academics, grades, performing as the 'ideal' student. The thought of that never occurred to me until they mentioned it because honestly, I never felt like I was ignoring anything 'important'. 

It would seem like some people equate putting importance on appearance to doing poorly in other aspects. It's as though acting on one thing negates the other, which isn't the case at all. I guess the "pretty girl" stereotype hasn't ceased to exist. 

In college, I belong to a program where its students are known to be 'pretty in the face but dull in the mind'. Harsh, I know, but it's a reality we have to face each day. Remarks like, "They only know how to put on makeup" and "Red lips but nothing else" are all comments we've learned to hear but not accept. I guess that's why, for a while, some people unconsciously labeled me as the intellectual one because I was different (I didn't wear makeup until my third year in college), which made them uneasy when I suddenly showed up to school with brows on fleek. Someone actually told me, "Now you're just like everybody else" but again, I don't see a relationship between the two.

It's not uncommon to have people see a woman dressed up and looking fabulous, and see her only as that. Assumptions rise, and they begin to think that all she's capable of doing is blending her eyeshadow and walking in heels. They assume that she spends all her time with those 'useless' and 'typical' girly things, that her head is filled only with makeup tutorials and #typicalwhitegirl posts. It's funny when you think about it, that some people would think that one's interest or passion for one aspect completely blocks them from being interested in other things.

I think people have learned to underestimate the capabilities of a girl who's "just a pretty face", and that sucks, because people learn to put the girl down and step on her willingness to learn and excel even before she can show off her potential. It's funny how some of us share pictures on Facebook with quotes about how everyone has the potential to be successful, yet here we are. Underestimating. Judging.

Yes, she takes an hour to do her makeup, but she also spends more hours studying for class. Yes, she cares deeply about her handbags, but she has won several awards for her academic contributions. Yes, she flaunts her heels, but she has built her own company from scratch.

People need to start seeing 'pretty faces' beyond that. That girl has gone through experiences which others can never match. She has achieved so much more than you can imagine. She has the world inside her mind. She has done great things in the past, which you are unaware of because you won't give her a chance. 

Who knows? Maybe that girl you underestimated actually holds the knowledge you need. Maybe she's the next president. Maybe she's smarter than anyone in the room. Maybe she can prove you wrong.

Her desire to look beautiful does not mask her desire to succeed, to excel, and to show the world that she's more than a pretty face.
2 comments on "Not Just a Pretty Face"
  1. This is all true especially in the Philippines.Some filipinos loves to judged pretty girls specially those who are in fashion.I even heard some calling them f***girl.Like seriously? Grow up people!!

    1. Hahaha and some people assume we're dressing up for men. Um, hello, we're dressing up because we want to look good when we look at ourselves in the mirror? :p xx


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