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You Deserve to Feel and Look Good

Friday, June 23, 2017
Some people misconceive taking care of one's physical appearance, interpreting it as being vain or conceited. Some people view self care negatively, and they assume that people who watch their diet are foolish, or that people who go to the gym to get killer abs are narcissistic.

Some people think that girls (and guys) who put effort into the clothes they wear are trying too hard, and that they shouldn't worry so much about impressing strangers. Those who want to dress up fabulously decide not to, because the world will just throw judgments that them.

Some people think that those who invest time and money in outer beauty are shallow and ungrateful for what they were 'blessed' with. Those who get implants and plastic surgery are ridiculed for their choices.

Some people end up not wanting to take care of themselves out of fear of being called selfish. There are mothers who sadly say no to pampering sessions because some people, even other mothers, might say they're putting their 'unnecessary' needs over their family's needs. 

Some people are bullied for not being emotionally strong when they wish for a break, just a moment to clear one's head. Those who want to talk to a professional because they feel like they need to are made to feel weak, and are told that there's 'worse things' they should be worrying about. They are made to feel as though their mental health is only secondary.

But the truth is, all people deserve to feel and look good. 

So what if he goes to the gym all week? He's just health conscious and wants to feel good when he sees himself in the mirror. So what if she wears heels and dresses like she came out of a magazine? She just wants to have that boost of confidence with every stride. So what if he got a nose job? He wasn't confident with his old look, so he decided to do something about it. So what if that mother spends an hour a week pampering herself? That doesn't mean she has abandoned her duties. So what if he sees a therapist during the weekend? He just wants to make sure he's emotionally sound.

You deserve to take care of yourself because how you look will ultimately lead to how you feel, and that will transcend to how you carry yourself and act around others. You deserve to be 'selfish' sometimes, but it's not really selfish, because you do have the right (and obligation) to take care of yourself.

You need to feel and look good because in this world that's always stressful and negative, you need something to give you that burst of happiness to keep you going. Outer beauty may seem superficial to some, but if it gives you peace and makes you feel better about yourself, I don't see any reason why other people have the liberty to tell you what not to do.

In the end, it's your life, your choices, and how you decide to look and feel good is entirely up to you.

Some people might not agree with what you choose to do, but all people, especially you, deserve to feel and look good.
6 comments on "You Deserve to Feel and Look Good"
  1. I totally agree to what you've said. We need to feel and look good especially when we're stressed to radiate sunshine. Like when I was making my thesis, I made sure that my eyebrows would somehow still be on fleek. And my classmates would say, "Uy, may time ka pa pala magkilay?" and the like despite the fast-approaching deadlines. Well, it gave me even the smallest "burst of happiness to keep going", to finish my paper.

    It is saddening that people judge others easily without getting the facts straight. I guess those who judge are insecure.

    You're articles are amazing. Would love to read more. Kudos! :)

    1. And now people may react to that you're. #HelloGrammarNazis and #SmartAsses :)

    2. Hahahaha! Ignore them. People make mistakes all the time. And thanks for what you said, that's so sweet. Looking forward to writing more! Thanks for reading xx

  2. If the reason you want to change is for your own benefits and you reaaaalllly wanted it then that's alright.But if you are forced,then you should stop it.Just what Alessia Cara's song says,"You should know you're beautiful just the way you are
    And you don't have to change a thing
    The world could change its heart
    No scars to your beautiful, we're stars and we're beautiful."����

    p.s I really love the song you should try to hear it.

    1. Hi! Yup, a good friend once told me never to change yourself just to please others. Thanks for reading, gorgeous! (I'll listen to that now!) x


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