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Your Life, Your Beliefs

Saturday, June 17, 2017
You'd think that when we're born, we're blank slates. White canvasses that are ready to be painted with the wonders of this world. We're made to believe that we have all the freedom to shape our lives into what we'd like it to become, but that's not always the case. We were born already with beliefs, some of which we don't truly agree with. We were born to think a certain way because that's how our parents and their parents think. 

We were born with these vital things already determined for us, but that doesn't mean it has to be that way for the rest of our lives.

I grew up very Catholic. I was born to a Catholic family, I was raised with Catholic values, and I went to a Catholic school for ten years. For most of my life, that's all I knew, and that's all I thought was true, but that was before I decided to step out of that "safe" zone and venture out into the real world.

Exposing myself to different things, good and bad, made me see the world beyond my family-constricted beliefs. I read books, watched films, listened to people, and just kept my mind open to new things. I learned about faith, about pain, about other places, about sexuality, you name it. I wanted to find a definition of life that wasn't solely based on what I was raised by. I learned to separate good from bad, and ultimately decide on my own. 

I have family members who aren't accepting of the LGBT community, and I was introduced to that mindset at a young age... A man can't lay with a man, all that Bible defense, yada yada. I respected their beliefs, but I didn't let the idea that "family knows best" take over what I believed in, because as I began to saw the world, I saw that some of the things my family believed in weren't exactly right through my eyes. 

I grew up knowing one religion, but as time went, I began to question things and my inclination changed. I still believe in God, a higher being, a creator, whatever you want to call it, but there are just some things that I've realized along the way, like personal opinions and feelings about things that don't match everything I was raised to believe. Now, my beliefs are often the exact opposite of theirs, and that's fine, because not everything has a true right or wrong. 

Not saying that what our parents, grandparents, and people before them have taught us is wrong. You need to understand that the teachings from your parents are what their parents taught them, and so on. For them, those values and beliefs might seem like the truest, which is why some of them so strongly attempt to force the same values and beliefs to their children. It's an endless cycle. But that does not mean you can't break it. 

Are your parents homophobic, but you have friends in the LGBT community who are the best people you've met? Fuck what your parents think and continue loving your friends. Do your parents think that as a woman, you're destined to mother children and stay at home, but you truly want to be a career woman? Fuck what they believe and go for it. 

The world is constantly changing. What might have been unacceptable before is acceptable now. People have become more open. People have become more connected. People have the freedom to learn, to grow, to choose.

Don't feel guilty for choosing a way of life that could be 'against' what your family believes. Don't ever feel that you're letting them down for not going with their beliefs. If you keep thinking that the only way is their way, you'll cage yourself off from the rest of the world. You'll say no to great experiences, amazing people, and inspiring ways of thinking. You were never under the obligation to stick to their beliefs, anyway.

What I'm saying is, you should be free to decide what to believe in, and you should be smart enough to know which things are worth believing in. Just because it's not what your family believes in, doesn't mean it's immediately wrong. A lot of things can be right, and a lot of things can never be labeled as truly right because there are things we will never know. 

At the end of the day, it's okay not to believe in those things just because you were "raised" with that way of thinking. You determine what you believe in.
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  1. Social Norms are hard to break and Kudos to those who take a stand in changing some.Change is always there we cannot avoid so why not we just accept it and continue living our lives.

  2. It is true that we should not force ourselves to believe what we have raised with, it is our lives and we know better now what is good and what should we believe in. Great share

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