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Why I Don't Enjoy Beauty Pageants

Saturday, August 5, 2017
When I lost weight, I didn't expect people to push me to join beauty pageants. And while I'm flattered that they think I'm "good enough" to join one, I have to say that the possibility of that happening is next to zero. Beauty pageants just aren't my thing. They never were and, unless things change, they never will be.

Before I explain why, let me just say that I don't think there's anything wrong with appreciating beauty. I'm all about lifting each other up and building confidence with my girls. It's how these beauty pageants portray beauty that's disturbing me. 

It celebrates a narrow definition of physical beauty. Though people claim on social media to have embraced diverse types of women, it's still pretty clear that a lot of people still equate beauty to certain qualities. Only the thin, fair-skinned, tall, and long-haired women are considered beautiful. But just because we've gotten accustomed to equating those qualities to beauty, doesn't mean we discredit other qualities from being beautiful, as well. Curvy is beautiful. Dark-skinned is beautiful. All races are beautiful. Beauty pageants do nothing but encourage praise for that one-dimensional type of beauty.

It implies that women have to tick certain things off a list to be considered beautiful. Beauty pageants have a series of activities that its contestants have to join. The talent segment says that you need to be talented at something to be considered beautiful. The swimsuit segment says that your butt needs to look good in a bikini to be considered beautiful. If you don't tick these things off the list, you aren't as beautiful... at least, that's what beauty pageants make us believe. And I think that's wrong. 

Its costs are too much for just a crown and a sash. I know people who have gone of ridiculously unhealthy diets just to lose weight in time for the pageant, people who have spent too much on products to cover up imperfections on their bodies, and people who have dropped what's more important in order to work on pageant stuff instead. To be honest, I don't think it's right to be so hard on yourself just to win. What are you going to get from it, a title that people are gonna forget about in a year?

It's set on such a huge stage that people begin to place too much importance on it than other things. When someone wins Miss Universe, the media goes crazy, people get obsessed, and almost everyone is loving it. It's too much appreciation for something that isn't even that incredible. We've learned to rave about this kinda stuff that we've forgotten to rave about the more important stuff. What about achievements in science, technology, medicine? If you ask me, we should put more appreciation on the things that actually matter.

As I said before, I will never join a pageant or anything similar unless they change things. And by that, I mean unless they stop celebrating this superficial kind of beauty. As someone who believes in universal acceptance and love for all kinds of beautiful, it would only be wrong for me to join a pageant since it goes against what I believe in.

Continue to love beauty and be beautiful, because you are, but always know that beauty isn't restricted to one thing. 
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