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Crushing your Fashion Fears

Friday, September 1, 2017
I'm a big girl. And while it took me years to accept that, I finally have, and yes, I am a big girl. My body structure isn't the kind you see in magazines. I'm taller and bigger than most of my friends. Beauty pageants would probably look away from me. I'm a big girl and I used to hate that, but now, who cares? I certainly don't.

But I'll be honest... being plus-size used to hold me back from expressing myself through fashion. Finding clothes for plus size ladies is hard as hell. Most of the 'normal' shops here have sizes up to XL, and sometimes XL doesn't even look like an XL (Seriously, what is with that?) There aren't as many choices, either, so sometimes you're left with a 'this will have to do' instead of a 'this is perfect' choice. 

But it wasn't just the challenge of finding clothes that discouraged me. There were so many times where I thought, "I can't wear this because I'm plus size." I envied skinny girls who could rock skinny jeans and baggy shirts. I felt different in a bad way, because it seemed like the world made clothes for women who weren't like me. I left the clothes that I really wanted to try for the people who seemed like they were made to wear those clothes.

Until this year, I had never worn skirts that were above my knees. I never wore shorts. I was afraid of showing my legs because I thought they were too meaty. All of my tops were loose because I wanted to avoid outlining my stomach muffins. I just wanted to cover everything and hide under layers of clothes that I didn't even feel confident in. 

But, I was sick of it. So I did something about it. I decided to spice up my #OOTD. 

Hug all the curves!
I used to hate skinny jeans because I thought they would make my legs look meaty, therefore ugly, but after wearing them for some time (and thanks to social media's recent love of curves), I started to love them. I started to want to show off my curves. I had them, so why not flaunt them, right?

Jeggings that emphasize my thick legs, a tight black shirt that's been tucked in, exposing my hidden layers of fat, and a choker that'll probably make me look like I have no neck? I used to think these items, when put together, would make me look ridiculous, but when I tried them on... I was actually pleased. They show off my curves because I am curvy, and I'm proud to have my curves. The things I used to hide are now the things that I love most about myself. 

Shirt: Terranova (PHP 195), jean: Freego (PHP 999), shoes: Payless (PHP 695), bag: Matisse (PHP 1250), sunglasses: Executive Optical (PHP 300), choker: ORORAMA accessories section (PHP 35)

Legs for days
People who have known me for years can attest that I NEVER wear shorts in public. I hate worrying about thigh jiggle, stretch marks, and legs 'expanding' when I sit down. I just constantly feel uncomfortable when I'm wearing shorts in public... Whoops, should have used past tense in all those sentences. 

The first time I wore shorts in public, it was weird. The second time was easier. Eventually, it became something that I didn't even think about when I left the house. I was wearing shorts and showing off my legs, so what? If I hadn't tried wearing shorts in public, I never would have developed an appreciation for my them. Now I actually prefer showing them off.

Top: Bench Body (PHP 199), shorts: thrift (PHP 90), shoes: Payless (PHP 695), cap: Lacoste (PHP ?), watch: Guess (PHP ?)

I guess the real secret to overcoming your fear of trying new clothes because of your body type is trying. You just need to be brave enough to ditch your usual getup and try something out of your comfort zone. You might like it, you might hate it. You won't know unless you try at least once. Don't restrict your fashion choices to what you think is solely for your body type, because honestly, if you want to wear it, then go wear it. Fashion is for everyone, regardless of shape or size.

And guess what? That quote about looking confident and feeling confident is 100% true. Ever since I changed up my look, I've been feeling more empowered when I walk down the street. I feel more like myself. If you stay true to your body type and play with the possibilities, you'll end up loving every inch of yourself.

I know it can be hard to step out of your comfort zone, but it's the first step to a better you. If you don't know how to style your size, or if you're afraid to, fret not. The internet is a brilliant thing, and there are so many resources that can help you. Personally, I'm in love with Dia & Co. They're a company that handpicks plus-size clothes specifically for your style and budget. Their stylists work their magic and select pieces that will make you fall in love with your body for only $20. Yes, you heard that right.

So rock that off-shoulder top. Put on those high heels. Flaunt that miniskirt. You have control over your style, not silly numbers and labels. It's time to embrace the style you've always kept hidden.

  Get me styled now ♥  

*I know my size isn't considered plus-size in some areas, but believe me, in most Asian countries, I am.

10 comments on "Crushing your Fashion Fears"
  1. Amen to that sister! Shopping for us bigger ladies is so difficult. That alone is enough to discourage me from 'styling'

  2. Sad to know you feel that way. Anyway, I'm happy you're doing something to overcome your struggles and unleash your inner confidence. Continue to be an inspiration! <3

  3. Wow.. I can't wait to buy this white top and the bag in black. You have a nice collection of bags and tops.

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