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Happy Skin Beauty Line Launch + The Best Oil Control Ever!

Thursday, March 15, 2018
Happy Skin just released their first ever beauty/skincare line, and I'm already obsessed. It's not often that I find a product that works for my skin and doesn't irritate it. Most times, oil control serums dry up my skin and leave me with flaky patches. I've been using this for a couple of days now and I haven't felt any bad dryness at all! 

Happy Skin has always made products that are formulated with the most skin-friendly ingredients, while promising to offer incredible results. Their long-time success has led them to partner with several famous brands such as Sanrio. Now, they've decided to push further by launching a skincare line called Happy Skin Beauty

Happy Skin Beauty is made of two skincare series: The Anti-Aging Series & Oil Control Series. For obvious reasons, I got the oil control one. 

Oil Control Series: (L-R) Skin Smoothening Facial Wash (P499), Mattifying Ampoule (P999), Oil Controlling Moisturizer (P899)

The Oil Control Series was made to, "be very light on the skin, so you get the hydration you need without the excess grease." When I read that description, I was already sold. I can't stress how difficult it is to find a product that mattifies your face while leaving it moisturized. Most times, it dries the skin up too much, or it forces you to rub a handful of greasy stuff all over your skin. Neither of those are attractive.

This skincare series simplifies your usual 7-to-10 step skincare routine. It narrows it down to three steps: cleanse, mattify, and moisturize. The Skin Smoothening Facial Wash cleans your pores, washing away all of the dirt and oil that have gathered throughout the day. The ampoule then mattifies your face with ingredients like Salicylic Acid (which helps shed dead skin) and Cantella Asiatica Extract (this heals skin and boosts collagen production). Finally, your skin is moisturized with a quick-absorbent formula, without leaving your skin greasy.

Anti-Aging Series: (L-R) Hydrating Facial Wash (P599), Time Reversing Serum (P999), Regenerating Moisturizer (P999) 

Next up, we have the Anti-Aging Series, which is a popular one among women as they get older. This series is described to be, "designed to help women see their greatest skin ever, right now - no matter their age - until they get older." Let's not lie, ladies. As much as some of us claim to embrace natural beauty, the thought of getting younger-looking skin will always be an appealing one.

And by the way, the Anti-Aging Series was formulated to work with your makeup. It doesn't feel heavy on your skin. 

How does it work? First, the facial wash with a low-pH formula cleanses the skin. Then, the time-reversing serum works its magic by stimulating cell turnover, using ingredients like Umbrella Pine Extract (which generates powerful antioxidants) and Chardonnay Extract (reveals brighter skin). Finally, the moisturizer is used to defend against wrinkles, and boost collagen production. 

Basically, Happy Skin Beauty's goal is to make life more hassle-free for all women out there. Life's a lot stressful these days, and a seven-to-ten-step skincare routine just isn't practical anymore. Happy Skin Beauty gives us the convenience and effectiveness that we deserve.

Let me end this post by sharing a couple of photos I snapped at the Happy Skin beauty line launch at Spruce, Lim Ket Kai CDO last March 10th.

Desserts made with love by the ever-splendid Four Cafe!  

 All the Happy Skin cosmetics for the guests to enjoy swatching.

 Can I have dessert all day?

For real, they had the best beverages ever. Can I have one year supply, please?

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