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Cafe Hopping: Tedts Cafe Iligan

Thursday, June 28, 2018
I knew about Tedts Cafe and Bakery when I was searching for Instagrammable cafes in Iligan City. It was at the top of the list, so I was pretty sure that was a sign telling me to go. Tedts is a quaint little cafe and pastry shop in Iligan where millennials pop in for their daily dose of sugar found in Tedts well-known cupcakes. It's probably best known for its delicately baked cupcakes, and the typical "cafe menu" is just an added bonus. 

As with all of my cafe reviews, I'm going to look at four things: ambiance, price, food and overall impression.

And now to answer the question that everyone is dying to ask... Is it Insta-worthy? The answer: not really. While I'm sure you could get a few decent photos here and there, the place isn't as beautifully designed as you would hope. Only the front part of the cafe seems like a good enough area to snap some photos. The rest of the cafe? Poorly lit and lacking in character. It's as though only the front was given love. The back area, where most of the tables are, looks and feels plain.

Tedts' has a very pretty hand-painted window that is just begging for you to take photos, but unfortunately, the view outside destroys its aesthetic. Sitting by the window would seem like a fun idea, if it weren't for the large number of people passing by every minute -- some people even staring (and mocking) from outside. 

Surprisingly, the items on their menu are affordable. Although Tedts is known for their baked goods, they offer a variety of dishes such as chicken fillet and alfredo pasta. Most cafes price their pasta at around P120 and above, but Tedts' prices are a lot more affordable. None of their drinks cost above a hundred pesos, which is fantastic, because finding milkshakes under P100 is almost unheard of these days.

Now, on to their cupcakes. Each cupcake costs P30 which is pretty cheap. You could get them in a set if you want your cupcakes to come in a cute Tedts box. You can pay a bit more if you want the gift box, which looks slightly better than the average box, but really there's nothing that special about its design. 

Food and Taste
This is where I'm disappointed. I had high expectations after reading reviews that raved about Tedts' spectacular cupcakes but, to put it simply, I wasn't impressed. I thought I would be tasting soft, moist and flavorful cupcakes but all I had were dry cupcakes that "redeemed" themselves with frosting. The frosting wasn't even that great, but it did offer some flavor, saving the cupcake. I tried the Mango and Blueberry cupcakes (I prefer the Blueberry one because of its kick of flavor) and they aren't the kind of cupcakes that I would really look forward to having again. 

If someone offered them to me, I would politely eat, but they just aren't the cupcakes I would drive even five minutes to buy.

I'm guessing that people who have raved about Tedts' cupcakes have tried Tedts' custom cupcakes for special occasions like birthdays and weddings. Maybe those are the cupcakes that taste great. But for me, their in-store cupcakes just don't make the cut.

I also tried Tedts' chicken pesto but I thought it tasted like something you could just microwave. Pasta was a bit rubbery. Lacked flavor. Bread was a bit soggy. 

Overall Impression
I get that Tedts is focusing on catering and special orders, but I still wish they had put more effort into building their cafe. They have a great name, a huge space that could be converted into an attractive, Instagrammable hangout for students and millenials, and they've already built their brand in the city. It's just a shame to see the potential not being utilized to the fullest. There are lots of businesses that specialize in custom orders, yet still have a fully functioning cafe/bakery where customers line up each day!

Tedts needs to give its branch a makeover. More lighting. More decor, especially by the tables by their kitchen. I have a feeling Tedts could become a favored place to have meetings and catch up with friends if they continued to develop the place.

The Verdict
Would I go back? Probably not yet. I'll visit when they've upgraded their cafe. What I want from cafes is a unique experience, which includes unforgettable food and great interiors. Tedts just doesn't have anything that makes it truly unique, something that will make you go, "Oh, that's Tedts."

With so many cafes opening these days, it can be easy to be just another cafe. The challenge is to find something that will set you apart. If Tedts just wants to be known as a baker of custom cakes, cupcakes and other desserts, that's up to them, but if they want to continue calling themselves a cafe, they need to level up.
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