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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Apostrophe Cafe: A Pause in Your Everyday Life

Apostrophe Cafe

Apostrophe cafe is a much-needed pause in your everyday life

In the middle of busy, concrete Divisoria, Apostrophe Cafe literally sticks out in pink. You can easily spot this cute coffee shop from a distance because its walls are painted in a soft pink shade. Passing by, you'll be pleased to see leafy plants hanging from the tall windows -- a refreshing sight especially in the midst of all the urban chaos. 

Cafe-goers here are mostly students from the nearby university, so it's not surprising to see young adults burying their heads in their textbooks or typing away on their laptops. But, despite being a "study hub", friends can still enjoy catching up over a warm cup of coffee. 

Apostrophe Cafe's slogan reads, "A pause in your everyday life," and only appropriately so. Busy students and working millennials will find themselves detached from the stress of everyday life in this two-storey cafe. 

Apostrophe Cafe

Your Instagram feed's dream

Pink continues inside, but now with a dash of white and bronze. Just one glance lets you see that this place put a lot of heart into its design. A long wooden table, which is perfect for large groups, sits beneath the highly Instragrammed Apostrophe Cafe white brick wall. Tables for two to four persons fill the first and second floor -- at this cafe, it's uncommon to be left standing without anywhere to sit. There's always a seat for everyone.

I was a bit disappointed when they painted the walls of the second floor a deep blue. For me, it cut the continuity of the pink theme. Maybe they did it to make the second floor feel more serious and conducive to learning, but I still wish they had kept the original pink and white.

The second floor has way more places to sit, but has poorer lighting. So, if you're there to take photos (like me!), the first floor is your best bet.

Apostrophe Cafe
Iced Pink Latte

Apostrophe Cafe has the best iced latte. EVER.

Let's face it, some cafes call themselves cafes, but they don't even serve good coffee. Thankfully, Apostrophe Cafe knows how to set itself apart. One great way to make people really want to come back again and again is to serve coffee you can't find anywhere else. Basically, it's what your cafe should be known for. 

Apostrophe Cafe serves this Iced Pink Latte which, for me, is the best iced latte I've ever had. It's the perfect introduction to coffee. People who aren't used to drinking coffee usually turn away because of coffee's distinct bitter taste. The iced pink latte has the perfect dose of sweetness along with that strong kick of caffeine. The "pour it yourself" part takes this drink to a whole new level. Customers don't just DRINK their drink -- now they experience it, too. I've tasted MANY lattes but this one has made it to the top of my list.

Apostrophe Cafe
Iced Sakura Latte

Another equally delicious drink is their Iced Sakura Latte, which is so fun to mix because it makes you feel like you're mixing potions. You just have to pour the contents of the "test tubes" into the main glass, and watch as the colors of brown and pink mix together so beautifully. If you've seen those popular Instagram videos of paint mixing and bath bomb dropping, you'll know what I mean when I say it's so relaxing. 

Not a fan of coffee? Apostrophe Cafe also serves non coffee-based drinks like iced teas and frappuccinos. So, you don't necessarily have to be coffee lover to fall in love with this cafe.

Apostrophe Cafe
Chicken Pesto Panini

Right on budget

Some places offer budget-friendly snacks that range from 50 to 70 pesos, but the servings are pretty small and unsatisfying. While Apostrophe Cafe's snacks are above that range, I was pleasantly surprised to see plates and bowls filled with food. I ordered a bowl of nachos for 115 pesos, expecting a tiny bowl with store-bought chips (because that's usually what some cafes do), but they gave me a huge bowl of nachos with melted cheese and jalapenos. It's easy to say that I was a happy customer.

Apostrophe Cafe serves both light snacks and meals. If you're planning on studying with friends, you have the option to order light foods like french fries. But, if you're meeting up with a friend for lunch, both of you can enjoy their wide selection of meals. 

One thing I have to comment on, though, is the waiting time. It look quite some time for my orders to arrive, which I hadn't experienced in other cafes before. However, both the coffee and food were great, so I guess the wait was worth it. The super friendly staff made my visit very pleasant.

Visit my personal favorite cafe

It's pink, affordable, and it has the best coffee. For these reasons, it easily lands at the top of my "best cafes" list. To see it for yourself (and to fall in love with it just as I have), check out Apostrophe Cafe at Divisoria, fronting Xavier University, along Dunkin Donuts.

Overall review of Apostrophe Cafe

Coffee: 5/5
Food: 4/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Location: 4/5
Value for Money: 5/5
Service and Friendliness: 4/5

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