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Monday, September 17, 2018

Passion in Every Cup: Bowerbird Coffee Review

There's a difference between cafes that serve coffee, and cafes that know coffee. At Bowerbird Coffee, you can taste the passion behind every cup. This cozy, artistic space just beckons every creative soul to spend their afternoons sipping their delicately crafted drinks. 

Unleash your inner art critic.

The space

If I'm going to be completely honest, Bowerbird Coffee is a bit small. For the average cafe-goer, aka the one who goes to cafes to steal WiFi and stay there for hours, this isn't good news. But, for genuine coffee lovers, this is absolutely perfect. The thing about Bowerbird Coffee is that you don't just go there to have coffee. You go there to experience coffee.

So, cozy space plus the smell of coffee? Perfection. 

You could always opt to drink your coffee outside (there's a large open space at Lane 101 with tables underneath a tree) but for the real Bowerbird experience, I'd recommend staying inside the cafe. It's the only way you can fully take in all of the artistic elements on the walls, anyway. Aside from being pretty Instagram backgrounds, they're great conversation pieces, too.

The best cafe mocha I've ever had.

The coffee

I may have had the best iced latte at Apostrophe Cafe, but the best cafe mocha I've ever had is from Bowerbird Coffee. I tried their iced latte a while back, and while it's pretty memorable, I would rate their cafe mocha higher. Their cafe mocha is the kind of drink I would actually wake up early for. And I never wake up early. Ever.

Bowerbird Coffee also serves drinks like hot and iced tea, so if you aren't looking forward to the no-sleep-allowed effects of coffee, you have other equally delicious options. One of their bestsellers is the cafe tablea.

The price

Expect the average price for coffee, which is around 100 to 150 pesos. Hey, you're paying for coffee made with passion! It's so worth it, anyway.

The people

Hands down, the friendliest baristas. You know how some cafes totally ignore you when you walk inside? Nope, not Bowerbird Coffee. The moment you step inside, you feel as though the baristas actually love having you around. And it isn't just your typical "Good day, sir/ma'am!" greeting that's obviously forced and rehearsed. You genuinely feel welcome.

Fun story: I was taking photos for Instagram with my Canon DSLR. The owner was there. She saw me struggling (LOL) so she let me borrow her lens. Now, where else would you receive that kind of friendliness?

A cozy spot for conversations over coffee.

Bowerbird Coffee is perfect for...

Uptown people, honestly. Since it's a bit far from where the offices are, Bowerbird Coffee is the kind of cafe that you have to plan to go to. It's not the kind of cafe where you're like, "Oh, hey, why don't we pop inside that place for a second?" Unlike most cafes which you discover on your way to work or somewhere else, Bowerbird Coffee is something you need to squeeze into your calendar.

Bowerdbird Coffee PH is located at Lane 101, Masterson's Avenue, Cagayan de Oro city. 

Overall review of Bowerbird Coffee PH

Coffee: 5/5
Ambiance: 3/5
Location: 3/5
Value for Money: 5/5
Service and Friendliness: 5/5

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