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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sunnies Face is Finally in CDO!

If you were there during the official launch of Sunnies Face last year, you'll still remember waiting to get in the site, place your order and check out. Frankly, I think that seeing my order get processed was one of the most thrilling and satisfying experiences in my entire existence. Every girl (and guy) wanted a Sunnies Face lipstick and they were selling like hotcakes. For a while, they were the Kylie Cosmetics of the Philippines.

Back then, buying Sunnies Face products was difficult for people especially in the southern part of the country. There were Sunnies Face physical stores slowly popping up all around Luzon and Visayas, but down here, all people could do was order online or ask someone to buy for them. 

Thankfully, Sunnies Face isn't that hard to get your hands on anymore. They've opened their first store in Cagayan de Oro and you guys, it's aesthetic goals.

Sunnies Face is part of Sunnies Studios' multi-store in Ayala Centrio, along with Sunnies Optical and Sunnies Specs. They replaced Cotton On's old spot by the Corrales entrance. The store covers a massive floor area and is designed to perfection. They're still sticking to their signature peachy pink color, which makes the store perfect for Instagram pics.

Display modules cover the walls of Sunnies Face, which contain all of their latest products from their Fluffmattes (first product!) to their Airblushes (latest products!). There are mirrors everywhere, so you can try on swatch after swatch without having to run to the mirror every time you find a new shade you wanna try.

They have all of the products, including their "make your own duo" lipsticks. All of the products are displayed neatly and visibly, which makes it easy to shop around. The Sunnies girls are extremely friendly and informed, ready to help you pick your shade.

If ordering online was once a struggle, stocking up on your favorite Sunnies Face products is no longer a problem. They have everything you could ever need, including Fluffmattes, Airblushes, makeup pouches, and Lifebrows. The store still has lots of space in case Sunnies Face releases new products in the future.

Visit Sunnies Face in Centrio today!

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