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Sunday, December 22, 2019

A Peek Inside the New Apostrophe Cafe - Cagayan de Oro

When Apostrophe Cafe announced a few months ago that they'd be closing their space at Divisoria, I was devastated. Apostrophe was one of the few places in Cagayan de Oro that I considered great. But, it seems like things do happen for a reason. Apostrophe Cafe has found its new home and is back -- better than ever. They're ready to welcome cafe-goers to an upscale brunch paradise that Cagayan de Oro has never seen before.

Located at the ground floor of Centrio Mall, Apostrophe Cafe is a fresh and modern coffee shop that serves #aesthetic in every corner. The rustic chic furniture is accented by an assortment of plants and gold decor, which all go beautifully against the white brick wall.

The abundance of plants makes the cafe seem like it's separated from the massive, urban mall. It also helps that it's located in the less crowded areas of Centrio. Cafe-goers can sip their lattes in comfort, hidden from view, surrounded by fresh plants and foliage.

Something new: Apostrophe Cafe now has a service counter where you can get sugar, stirrers, napkins, and water. 

Look closely and you'll see a tiny blackboard with the House Rules. Apostrophe Cafe encourages everyone to clean as they go. In addition, pet owners will be happy to know that you can bring your furry friends inside the cafe -- but be sure they're on a leash! Sadly, not everyone is a dog person :-( 

PS. There are outlets almost everywhere. But please don't be the kinda person who stays there for hours but only orders the cheapest drink while actual customers have nowhere to sit. Don't be rude, now. :-) 

And now, to the question that almost everyone has been asking me. "Did Apostrophe Cafe get expensive?"

The answer: yes and no. Their drinks are pretty much the same, still in the 100 peso price range. Their food, though, is a bit more pricey BUT the servings got way bigger. The most expensive brunch you can get is their Creamy Carbonara for 240 pesos -- which isn't that bad since you get a huge plate of delicious pasta that even two people can share.

Apostrophe also has new pastries including this fruit tart that's probably one of the best things I've tasted in my entire life. It's so light and fluffy, a perfect pair for your hot cup of coffee.

Cinnamon toast with apple sauce? Yes, please! And in case you haven't noticed... Apostrophe has upped their plating game. I'm so impressed. Insert clapping emoji.

If you're the kind of person who doesn't want their name and favorite drink to be shouted in a room full of people, you're in luck! Apostrophe Cafe has buzzers now. It's a really small detail, I know, but cafes with buzzers make me go, "Oh, they're fancy."

If you've been a loyal customer of Apostrophe, you'll be pleased to know that you'll find familiar faces manning the counter. They still welcome everyone with the same warmth that made me fall in love with Apostrophe years ago! <3

Check the place out for yourself. It's at Ayala Centrio Mall, near Friday's and Macao Imperial Tea. I suggest going there around two in the afternoon if you want a quieter vibe. The place can get pretty packed during brunch-to-lunch time.

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