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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

T Cube: the 5-in-1 stop

We all wish we could multitask and save time -- well, with T Cube, we finally can! Say goodbye to boring laundry days and to listening to your child (or boyfriend... same thing) whine as he asks, "Can we go now?" while you get your nails done. T Cube is a one-stop-shop complete with a laundry, nail salon, car wash, karaoke room, and cafe!

The large KTV room you can rent for events. You can also turn it into a Netflix room so you can binge with your friends!

T Cube's concept is this: you go out to have your car washed or to do your laundry, but while waiting, what do you do? Do you just waste time? Nope!

You throw your clothes into the machine and leave your car to get sparkly -- and then, you can choose to get a pretty manicure, treat yourself to drinks and dessert, or even sing a few songs in your private KTV room.

"Wasting time?" Never heard of her.

The laundry room is complete with washers and dryers.

Outdoor "chill" area perfect for relaxed evenings.

The great thing about T Cube is that they're family friendly. They don't serve alcoholic drinks, which proves that you can have fun without getting wasted. You can order junk food, soft drinks, and other snacks as you catch up with your friends and fam.

Nail Luxe, a posh nail salon with sparkly sinks and velvet chairs.

Halal nail polish -- I had no idea this even existed!

From the nail salon, you can directly look out into the car wash. If you're the kind of person who wants to see EVERYTHING they do to your car, this is perfect. Sit back, relax, maybe even grab an iced coffee from the cafe next door...

And now, for the most awaited part... the cafe!

Pastel paradise! Velvet Cafe is the cutest thing ever -- it's not something you'd expect to see beside a car wash which makes it even more like a "hidden gem"! Pastel pink, green, and blue dominate the cafe, accented by lush chairs that look like they belong in Mad Hatter's tea room.

I love that their drinks aren't expensive. Tried the iced Hazelnut latte but I found it a bit too sweet for my liking. I have yet to try their other drinks before I can truly say if the coffee is #worthit or needs improvement! :)

It's definitely a great place to hang out with your girl friends if you're on a budget. Instagrammable and affordable at the same time -- can't get any better than that!

On to food...

Although I found the cakes a bit dry compared to cakes I've tried from other cafes in CDO, I really did enjoy the food, especially the monte cristo sandwich and the scrambled eggs. It's great that you can also buy heavy food at the cafe and not just desserts. I placed some pictures of the dishes you can order below:

Check out the place for yourself! :) It's at the Pueblo Business Park, near Terrazo. It's open from 10 AM to 10 PM daily, except for the laundry and car wash, which are open from 6 AM to 7 PM daily.

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