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Friday, May 1, 2020

4 Ways to Feel Productive in Quarantine

When quarantine started, you might have felt fine for the first few week. You might even have felt happy to have time to finally binge-watch the shows you've wanted to watch for so long. But, if you're like everyone else, you might've started to feel really unproductive.

I get it. Not doing anything except lounge around can feel strange especially if you're so used to doing something all day. By now, you might just want to stop feeling like you're wasting time... or you just wanna have a story to tell your grandkids in the future. ("I finished my Masters during quarantine!" or something.)

Here are four things you can do to feel productive during quarantine:

Learn a new language
Make your dream of speaking another language come true. Instead of watching TikToks on your phone all day, why don't you install an app like Duolingo and begin learning a new language? If you're expecting to take a foreign language class in school next semester, why don't you get a head start? I once had Spanish class in college, and it was a breeze because I actually spent the summer before that learning Spanish basics!

Take an online course
So many online learning platforms are offering affordable (some even free!) courses on marketing, business management, data science, humanities, and so much more. If you really wanna be productive, take a course or two! The great thing about online courses is that you can take them at your own pace.

Coursera and edX offer certificate programs from the world's best schools like Stanford, Harvard, and MIT. Linkedin Learning has short courses that will award you with digital certificates upon completion. You can choose between earning a course certificate or (if you're really serious), earn a degree.

Develop a skill
If you've always wanted to try something, now's the time. Pick up that guitar you said you'd learn to play, take out your pots & pans and finally learn how to cook! There's no need to feel bad if you didn't exactly go from Level 1 to Level 100 in a matter of weeks. The important thing is that you started, and maybe when this is all over, you can keep developing that skill.

Watch a documentary
Watching Netflix has become part of our daily routine. We've binged so many shows that we've already reached the "times you cried over a character's death" quota. We've been watching Netflix too much, we've started to feel a twinge of guilt every time the credits roll. At some point, you might have asked yourself, "Is this what my life has become, watching shows all day?" If you want to watch Netflix yet still feel like you're doing something worthwhile, you should watch documentaries.

Don't force yourself into watching a documentary you aren't interested in... unless you want to fall asleep fast. If you like following the lives of celebrities, watch Miss Americana or Homecoming: A Film by BeyoncĂ©. If you're into crime documentaries, watch The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez or Making a Murderer. You could also watch the short docu-series The Toys That Made Us.

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