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Thursday, June 4, 2020

If I were the boss...

The workforce is changing, and so should the workplace. 

Bosses run their companies differently, but most of them stick to the traditional, outdated routine that just won't work for today's workers. I've been an employee for over two years, and while there are many things that I am on board with, there are also things that I would do differently. If I were the boss of my own company, this is how I would manage the workplace. 

Shower employees with resources
After graduating college, people leave the traditional learning environment. They're shoved into work where they indirectly learn and polish their skills. I would give my employees opportunities for growth, because I'd love to have satisfied employees who can implement modern skills in my company. I would want people who are up-to-date with industry trends. 

Allow them to create their own workspace
Sitting behind a desk that looks exactly like the other desks around you will make you feel uninspired and unmotivated. It has always been a dream of mine to have a cubicle that I can decorate as I please. I want to buy fancy stationery, hang cute posters, use a fancy mousepad. I want my employees to create an environment that inspires them to do their best. I don't want them to lose their uniqueness and sense of identity. I want to allow self-expression.

Encourage them to take breaks
The only type of break that people really take is lunch. I would encourage my employees to also take breaks in the afternoon. Sometimes, all you need to stay focused is to step away for a few minutes. Allowing employees to take just fifteen minutes to breathe, grab a cup of coffee, or play a game on their phone would do wonders.

Create their own work style
I'm the kind of person who can typically get the day's work done in just a few hours. But, I do know people who like taking their time and really spreading the work over 8 hours. If I were the boss, I wouldn't mind if you were the former or the latter. Just get the work done and make sure it's perfect. You'll still get paid regardless.

Let them do what they do best
If I hire a graphic designer, I'm not going to look over his/her shoulder and dictate how to design everything. If I hire a writer, I'm not going to tell him/her how to write. I'm going to allow them to do what they do best, and then give constructive criticism afterwards. Believing in their skills and showing that I respect their talents can boost their confidence. I want to be the boss who can say, "I know you have the talent. Use it. You know better than I do." Not the boss who says, "It looks so ugly" or dismisses someone's idea and makes them doubt their own skills. : - )

Have mental health days
There have been so many times when I wanted to take the day off because I felt extremely down. But the thing is, most companies only allow sick leave and vacation leave. If I were the boss, I would have mental health days, with no questions asked. As someone who has struggled with mental health for years, I know how helpful even one day can be. I care about mental health, and I wouldn't want the pressure of having to go to work worsen that person's current state. 

Be in a separate space
In some offices, the boss is seated directly behind of his/her employees. No divider. No frosted glass. Nothing. I don't want to seem like a hawk that's always watching everyone's movement. As the boss, I would separate myself from them in order to 1) maintain authority and 2) make everyone comfortable. 

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