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Thursday, July 23, 2020

5 tools to kickstart your content writing career

With the whole word forced to stay at home, more and more people have been looking for online jobs to fill their time and to generate income. Working online is easy -- you can stay in your pajamas, do other things in between, and work at your own pace.

One of the top jobs you can find online is writing. If you can manage to write at least 2000 words a day, and if you have a decent grasp of the English language, you have what it takes to be a successful content writer.

Here are some basic and useful resources you should have as a content writer, based on my two years of experience as one.

#1: Grammarly

Yes, we can write, but that doesn’t mean we’re immune to typos. To avoid getting sent an e-mail with the subject “PLEASE EDIT” by your client, use Grammarly. It checks your spelling and word choice as you write. Sometimes, your client might even ask you to write in a specific dialect. You can customize Grammarly to help you write in American English, British English, Australian English, or Canadian English.

#2: Google Docs

I prefer to write on Google Docs rather than on MS Word because it looks cleaner. It also saves my work constantly, so I don’t have to worry about accidentally closing the window, or if you’re in the Philippines, sudden power interruptions. I can also access my work right from my phone, so if I’m stuck in traffic, I can always continue working. No need to transfer files to my drive or e-mail them to myself.

#3: Unsplash 

There will be times when your client will ask you to select photos to go with your article. Unsplash has thousands of free photos that don’t look like typical “stock” photos. You can use them however you want, except for commercial purposes.

#4: Canva 

One of the things clients might ask you when you apply to be a content writer is, “Do you know how to use Canva?” Understandably, not everyone will know how to use PhotoShop (but knowing it is a major plus), but everyone can learn how to use Canva. In some cases, you’ll have to design graphics for your blog post. This means knowing the basic principles of design. Don’t worry though -- Canva has hundreds of premade templates.

#5: Wordstream 

As a content writer, you don’t just write articles. You write articles that need to get read. Your articles need to show up whenever people search for specific things on Google. Your client will most likely provide you with the keywords, but when they don’t, you need to have the initiative to discover them on your own. Wordstream offers a simple and free keyword service. All you have to do is pick a location, keywords, and a niche.

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