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Sunday, October 11, 2020

5 Local Instagram Shops That I Absolutely Love - Cagayan de Oro

Are you in desperate need of a shopping spree but can’t leave the house because of quarantine? Then it’s time to start scrolling through the endless local Instagram shops where you can find hundreds of hidden gems. Whether you’re looking for new makeup, home decor, or something to spruce up your look, you can fulfill your shopaholic needs straight from one app. 

There are lots of amazing Insta-boutiques that are based right in Cagayan de Oro. Here are the best local Instagram shops in Cagayan de Oro that I’ve discovered during quarantine:

1 - Chandler Candles, @chandlercandles.ph

There’s nothing like lighting a scented candle after a long day of online classes. Just imagine the gentle scents of lavender and vanilla wafting in the air, creating the perfect setting for a night of relaxation.  Soy candles are more eco-friendly than typical Parrafin wax candles, and fortunately, you can find them right in CDO.

Chandler Candles’ affordable price point makes it easy to get your hands on one of their many options. Prices start at P250 for their “classic” collection, while their seasonal candles like Christmas Tree and Candy Cane cost as much as P370. Their hand-poured soy candles come in clear glass jars, and you can choose from plenty of scents such as Sweet Orange, Mixed Berries, and Lilac. 

2 -  drieds.cdo @driedscdo

Dried flowers are great to have around the house. They last a really long time and can be rearranged according to your liking. Personally, I don’t like ordering dried flowers from online stores because the flowers usually arrive in bad shape. Fortunately, I found a small Instagram shop in CDO that has exactly what I want.

I buy most of my dried flowers from @driedscdo. Their dried flowers come pre-arranged but they sometimes sell dried flowers in bunches, too. Prices start at P200 for simple flower arrangements. They also deliver within the city.

3 - Hailey Beauty, @haileybeauty.ph

The first time I tried lip creams, I hated it, and I swore never to wear them again… but then I met Hailey Beauty. Lip creams are perfect for that no-makeup makeup look, but the problem with lip creams is that most of them don’t last long. Hailey Beauty’s lip cream formula feels and looks so different from other lip creams. It glides onto your lip (and skin since it doubles as blush) like velvet, and leaves a highly pigmented and matte finish. Hailey Beauty’s lip creams have become my staple for surprise Zoom meetings because they’re so easy to apply, plus they are also really affordable with products under P200. 

Hailey Beauty sells a wide range of makeup like lip tints, cream blush, powders, etc.

4 - Ventura Handcrafts, @venturahandcrafts

I destress through retail therapy, but with corona on the loose, I’ve been forced to satisfy the shopper in me by shopping online. After endlessly browsing for new things to buy, I came across one thing that I immediately fell in love with: clay earrings. 

Ventura Handcrafts clay earrings are handmade which means no two earrings are the same. They’re also beautifully made and can be great statement earrings for parties, or for going to the grocery if you’re that extra. Ventura Handcrafts’ earrings are extremely affordable with some pairs sold at just P129.

5 - Meraki, @meraki.cdo

Bookmarks from bookstores are usually plain and uninspiring. So when I found these bookmarks on Instagram, the sparkle-loving girl in me just had to buy them. Meraki’s custom resin bookmarks feature stunning designs that will make reading feel fancier. They’re so pretty, they make 100-page reading assignments more bearable.

Bookmarks start at P100 while custom keychains start at P135. For a bit more, you can add glitter and dried flowers to your design. They also offer free delivery within CDO.

Start Shopping!

A lot of local businesses in Cagayan de Oro have closed because of the pandemic. During this difficult time, let's all show our support for the local businesses we adore so that when this is over, we can still enjoy their products.

Is there a local business that you love? Share it in the comments below so that others can find it, too!

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